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  1. Xquisite

    Should I buy a Nexus 5?

    I'm a Nexus 5 user, and I'd advise you to buy it, the sheer benefits of a Google branded device and a reference android device makes it leaps and bounds ahead. All the complains you've basically ever heard are addressed and fixed by Lollipop. It's worth it bro. Oh yeah, I always have 35% battery after using my phone moderately the whole day. That includes heavy texting and usual browsing. Anyways Lollipop has a battery saver built in, that provides an extra hour. I've also rooted, flashed a custom recovery, and also flashed franco.kernel; using that I've undervolted my CPU for even better battery life, and that doesn't cause any hiccups too! IMO, it's worth it. It should be a no-brainer at this point
  2. Xquisite

    What song are you listening to right now.

    https://soundcloud.com/djspaceman-3/spaceman-katy-perry-ft-juicy Spaceman - Katy Perry ft. Juicy J
  3. Xquisite

    that is a damn nice looking hoodie and its cheap

    I would so wear it! So awesome *_*
  4. Xquisite

    Experiences with non-techies

    Nope, not even close. What about 154p?
  5. Xquisite

    problems playing higher then 1080P on youtube

    @bicolorduck Do you use any extensions? I mean which are related to YouTube and might cause problems?
  6. Xquisite

    Experiences with non-techies

    When people say big PC towers are irrelevant, and that they say our laptop or NUC performs just as good..
  7. Xquisite

    Is this the correct Playlist? (Lynda.com)

    Well, for learning JAVA, I use CodeAcademy. Check it out. It's free And much better IMO for learning JAVA, if you really want to do it first.
  8. Xquisite

    Experiences with non-techies

    IE? Goddammit. Why half the screen?
  9. Xquisite

    Microsoft Drops the 'Nokia' Tag in the New Lumia Phones

    What about the low class budget phones of Nokia? The ones which cost like $30?
  10. Xquisite

    HDD Not recognised

    This. +1 It should fix your problem, that is if it's OS related.
  11. It isn't similar, that's exactly how it works.. :3
  12. Xquisite

    Most durable yet fast 1tb or 2tb hard drive

    inb4 flamewar (Seagate, WD)
  13. Xquisite

    Experiences with non-techies

    I guess that's why they've renamed it to This PC in Windows 8.1
  14. Xquisite

    Make glossy plastic look nice

    Thanks sir! That's the best tip I've ever got from LinusTechTips :3 And that thing he used is found like everywhere where I live! Finally, I have a thing readily available that's used in a tutorial
  15. Xquisite

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Eminem - Mockingbird Centuries - Falloutboy
  16. Xquisite

    24-pin issue?

    Nope, I think every 24 pin cable is like that. Do you mean this?
  17. Xquisite

    Phantom Glass is 10/10

    *has absolutely nothing to say*
  18. Xquisite

    PC not giving any display

    Yes, I have the power connectors at the top and they're plugged in. No, I bought a new PSU. It's a CM 550W Elite. It's working fine at the moment with the old GFX card. Could it be? I don't know really.. I've never heard of that. My motherboard has PCI-E Gen 2 and the Card is Gen 3. But it's supposed to be fine and is backwards compatible. I don't have another PC or a friend's PC around here EDIT: Nope. Motherboard and CPU are compatible.
  19. Xquisite

    PC not giving any display

    So I bought a new R9 270 today and a new PSU along with it. I needed to upgrade my crappy system so I decided on this. It had an old GT 440 in it. Okay so I changed the PSU and gave it a test boot. It booted fine. Then I changed out the GPU with the new one and won't give any display, by that I mean it has a black screen, and doesn't do anything. It's a gigabyte R9 270 and I noticed when I turn it on the fans don't turn on that very moment, they take 5 seconds or so and then start to spin.   My crappy PC CPU: i3-2120 Motherboard: Intel DH61ww RAM: Some kingston 4GB @1333MHz I swapped out the card with the old one and everything worked. But when I swap in the new one the screen just stays black when I press the power button. I think I'm just being paranoid, but does this matter? The card below is the new one and atop is my old one. It has less of those shiny golden things on the PCI-E connector. I've tried connecting my card to the TV via HDMI. I've tried reseating the card several times. I've cleared the CMOS by taking out the cell from the motherboard for a few minutes and then putting it back in. And another thing, I use a dvi to vga converter to drive my display, as it's an oldie and the dvi port is faulty.
  20. Xquisite

    PC not giving any display

  21. Xquisite

    Comcast ruined a customer's future career.

    You're right, that needs to be done. *Cough FCC Cough*
  22. Xquisite

    Comcast ruined a customer's future career.

    That's terrible, but that's comcast for you.. Google needs to expand it's Fiber service ——— Sorry but doesn't this belong in the News section?
  23. So, the decline begins. /sarcasm