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  1. BF109

    kaspersky anti virus help

    ok disabling the extension didnt fix anything
  2. BF109

    kaspersky anti virus help

    I want to keep kaspersky, if i desiable the extension in chrome, will i still have protection? why wear seatbelts, just drive slower
  3. Good evening! I jsut need some help. As of today everytime I want to access a website a kaspersky image will show and say ,,this connection is not secure" and something about a missing certificate. If I can access a website it often blocks part of the content of the website, this hasnt happened before. How do i fix this without disabling my anti virus? yours sincerely and thanks in advance, bf109 PS: tiping a a search in the the bar at the top will never works it always shows the error, restarting the pc or router didnt help too
  4. BF109

    new keyboard

    some mechanical Corsair I with RGB, but its really loud I forgott the name, I am not at home so i cant look it up right now
  5. so through IP can they see which street I live in?
  6. BF109

    new keyboard

    Hey guys! Due to some complaint in my family with my keyboard's key presses making too much noise I am looking for a new keyboard that is quiet. To be specific the keyboard should have some sort of tactile feedback if possible like a mechanical keyboard, but it has to be quiet, durable. I would prefer having some type of RGB lighting. I'd order it off of https://www.amazon.de/ and it shouldn't cost more than 200€. I don't have a specific brand in mind and I would really appreciate if you recommend several keyboards that would fulfill my requirements! yours sincerely and thanks in advance, bf109
  7. thanks for the help, can they find out where I live through the IP?
  8. so how do i fix this?
  9. I didnt get IP banned. I used to be on a Forum with an account with my real First name in a very small community. For privacy reasons I made a new account. A few days later the forum's admin sent me an email asking me ,,why I made another account?" and as proof told me the IP both of my accounts were accessing the website from, so he knows. This is unacceptable and I need to get this fixed. I dont want this to happen, so i need your help please, I really dont want to get an VPN
  10. Hey Guys! Is it possible to have a changed IP for certain online forums without using VPNS? If so then how do I do that? thanks in advance, BF109