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  1. why was everyone so mean and discouraging? Encourage the ideas and push the boundaries!
  2. Could it be possible that with B550 coming out soon, DDR5 could use the same slot as DDR4? Since Zen 3 will be an AM4 chip and will support DDR5, does the current slot support the bandwidth needed? I am not suggesting they will do this, just curious after AMD announced beta bios for older boards and such.
  3. I did not know UEFI was essential till after it was ordered, and unfortunately my revision is 1.x. I am just hoping my current ssd can be pointed to the Plextor as the OS partition.
  4. Not to mention, doing a hardware trick that is very uncommon, or has not yet been done, would be sweet!
  5. I spent every cent I saved on acquiring the Plextor, an upgrade would mean motherboard, processor, and memory, not an option with $0 budget.
  6. Here is the hardware: 1 OCZ vertex 3 240G (Current boot drive) 1 Plextor M9PeY 512G 1 Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 The goal: use the boot partition on the OCZ to run Windows 10 on the Plextor. The UD5 is not a UEFI bios board and can not boot the Plextor directly. I would like to avoid any complicated 3rd party boot loader that could add complications. Does anyone have a clue how to pull this off?