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  1. I bought 2x8GB RAM 3200MHz but I checked at what speed it is at currently and it says 1332 MHz, how do I change it to 3200MHz (do I do it in the boot menu and if yes how do I do that), is it safe to run at that speed if it says it can and what are the pros/cons of running at a higher speed like at 3200 MHz instead. I have a MSI B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC Motherboard
  2. I bought a new 29" ultra wide screen but it wont let me change the resolution to 2560 x 1080 My graphics card is updated, I have a 1660 6GB GPU Is there missing software I need or is it maybe not supported Should I do custom settings
  3. If I use 2 screens for gaming with NVIDIA Surround to have 2 screens as one, does the GPU take more memory/performance and does the FPS go down when I play with resolution 3840 x 1080 instead of 1929 x 1080
  4. Not sure what to do, I have to leave to work soon and not sure if I should just leave it on if it might get unstuck or should I just restart o r force restart or is that bad
  5. Also I got a new pc and giving this one to my brother, still works good but just wanted to give him a fresh pc
  6. Im using the same install disc that I used to reinstall Windows 7 last year and had no probems
  7. I decided to reinstall Windows 7 on my older pc and when it got stuck at completing installation , what do I do to make it finish the install. It got stuck for about 25 minutes and not finishing
  8. Since I opened the cover it now smells like fresh plastic from the front fans
  9. I think I isolated the smell, it seems to be coming from the front 2 fans that were included with the case, when I took the cover off the smell was gone from the rear fan, now it smells like fresh plastic or something
  10. (Not sure if this is the right category for this) but I got my new PC build and there seems to be a weird smell coming from the back fan, it kinda smells like new shoes or burning plastic/rubber. Is this a bad sign, could there be something burning inside or is it a normal smell for new pc that goes away in a few days. I checked the temps for all parts and nothing is over 50 degrees Celsius when idle
  11. Its in centigrade, here is speccy and CPUID HWMonitor
  12. I checked my CPU temp by using speccy and it says the CPU temp is around 88 degrees celcius to 101 degrees celcius wen idle, is there a reason why its so high, is speccy accurate But on CPUID HWMonitor it says CPU temp is 37 to 44 degrees celcius idle. all other pc parts are at normal temps. Fan is working properly
  13. For the audio drivers it has two and the first one is for windows 10 rs3 or higher and the second for windows 10 rs2 or lower how do I know if my windows 10 is rs2 or lower or rs3 or higher
  14. So I should also move My Desktop, My Music, My pictures and so on to HHD
  15. I have the B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC motherboard and there are some drivers im not sure what is needed and what is optional (im new to this) they are the AM4 RAID Driver AMD Chipset Driver and not sure if I need both or just one of these drivers Realtek HD Universal Driver Realtek High Definition Audio Driver and not sure which utility to get APP Manager Command Center CPU-Z MSI GAMING Gaming Lan Manager Live Update 6 MSI Gaming APP MSI Smart Tool Mystic Light 3 (Motherboard has RGB) Nahimic 2 Nahimic 3 Realtek Audio Control Super Charger X Boost
  16. IS there a way to have the internet history saved on the HHD so it wont have to be written on the SSD constantly
  17. Just wondering how do you properly use an SSD, I will be using one for the first time and want to know what how to use it in a way that it will last for a long time, should I put all my programs on the SSD or should I put my most used on the SSD and least used on HHD. Is it true that when you keep adding new programs/files on SSD that it wares down over time. Also since I have windows 10 on the SSD does the cache and appdata store on the SSD or could it be moved to the HHD so it wont always be writing to the SSD. I know I should keep at least 10% of the SSD empty and I have a 1TB SSD. (Hope I don't sound confusing).
  18. The PSU I got is the one that memory express recommended because I was going to get a really good one but it was out of stock
  19. I got my PC and I got the B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC w/ DDR4-2666, 7.1 Audio, Dual M.2, GB LAN, Wireless AC, Bluetooth v5.0, CrossFire motherboard and when I went to the MSI site at I looked at all the drivers there are but not sure exactly what I need, is there a way to know which drivers are needed for the motherboard I got. (Also the motherboard came with a driver and utility disc but it seems to freeze up when trying to read the disck, I tried moving the files from the disc to PC but it froze and the disc makes a funny noise like it cant read it, has literally like no scratches)
  20. This is the PSU I got https://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX69929 it says its fanless but it still has a fan, does it mean fanless that it doesn't spin under a certain load, also is this a good PSU I got