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  1. Not sure what to do, I have to leave to work soon and not sure if I should just leave it on if it might get unstuck or should I just restart o r force restart or is that bad
  2. Also I got a new pc and giving this one to my brother, still works good but just wanted to give him a fresh pc
  3. Im using the same install disc that I used to reinstall Windows 7 last year and had no probems
  4. I decided to reinstall Windows 7 on my older pc and when it got stuck at completing installation , what do I do to make it finish the install. It got stuck for about 25 minutes and not finishing
  5. Since I opened the cover it now smells like fresh plastic from the front fans
  6. I think I isolated the smell, it seems to be coming from the front 2 fans that were included with the case, when I took the cover off the smell was gone from the rear fan, now it smells like fresh plastic or something
  7. (Not sure if this is the right category for this) but I got my new PC build and there seems to be a weird smell coming from the back fan, it kinda smells like new shoes or burning plastic/rubber. Is this a bad sign, could there be something burning inside or is it a normal smell for new pc that goes away in a few days. I checked the temps for all parts and nothing is over 50 degrees Celsius when idle
  8. Ryzen master says 44 degrees Celsius
  9. Its in centigrade, here is speccy and CPUID HWMonitor
  10. I checked my CPU temp by using speccy and it says the CPU temp is around 88 degrees celcius to 101 degrees celcius wen idle, is there a reason why its so high, is speccy accurate But on CPUID HWMonitor it says CPU temp is 37 to 44 degrees celcius idle. all other pc parts are at normal temps. Fan is working properly
  11. For the audio drivers it has two and the first one is for windows 10 rs3 or higher and the second for windows 10 rs2 or lower how do I know if my windows 10 is rs2 or lower or rs3 or higher
  12. So I should also move My Desktop, My Music, My pictures and so on to HHD