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  1. my rtx 2060 super is running at around 90-100 fps in fortnite on epic settings. Is that normal i expected more. I have a ryzen 5 2600 could it be bottlenecking it?
  2. Adsome2007


    Two for the h100i and one for rear exhaust
  3. Adsome2007


    Can yo have more than one fan controller in one pc
  4. Adsome2007


    I have 4 ports ports for my fans in my motherboard. I’m using 3 for my front fans and one for my cpu cooler. I’m going to get an h100i and get 3 fans for it and rear exhaust. How would I do that if I only have 3 fan ports in my motherboard. I have a lighting node core if that helps and the 3 fans I’m going to get are sp120 rgb pros and the ones preinstalled in my case are sp120 rgb pros two.
  5. huh wtf why would you use two rx570s just get one good gpu. crossfire scaling isn't good for gaming. Just get a 1660 super instead it will beat the two rx570s in nearly everything.
  6. technically 3200mhz is the max supported but you could easily go higher. Im running 3000mhz on my ryzen 5 2600 and could probably run 3600mhz if i had that ram. 3600mhz should work fine with a 3700x
  7. yes and no. You could run that with a 600 watt power supply. But i wouldn't recommend using it with that power supply because that's not a very good unit.
  8. Assuming you have a ll120 then he’s it would allow you to control the fans rgb in the Corsair icue software.
  9. I have a samsung crg5 1080p 144hz and have been wondering which color profile is the most accurate. Dynamic contrast, cinema, aos, rpg, rts or fps. Which is the most color accurate.
  10. The problem is that fortnite doesn't even register the fact that the side buttons exist
  11. Adsome2007


    I placed key binds in ghub for fortnite but when i log in two fortnite and try to bind those actions to the side buttons on my mouse it doesnt register that buttons even exist there . btw I have a g903. Neither is my middle mouse button. please reply quickly. uPDATE MY SCROLL WHEEL IS ALSO INVERTED