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  1. Adsome2007

    contol promo code

    Thanks I called and got the problem fixed
  2. Adsome2007

    contol promo code

    From Newegg when I bought my gpu
  3. Adsome2007

    contol promo code

    i got a promo code for control but it said Sorry, you do not have a prerequisite to fulfill the redemption code. What do i do
  4. Adsome2007

    Front io

    Which side is positive on the power switch
  5. Adsome2007

    Front io

    I have a gigabyte b450 auros pro WiFi atx and a Corsair icue 220t and I am not sure how to plug in the front io .
  6. Adsome2007

    Sp120 rgb pro

    I have i Corsair sp120 rgb pro and it has 2 cables one which goes into the hub and another 3 pin cable what is the three pin cable for is it a 3 pin fan cable
  7. Adsome2007

    Windows 10 vs pro

    Then how come there is such a big difference in price
  8. Adsome2007

    Windows 10 vs pro

    What’s the difference between windows 10 and windows 10 pro?
  9. Adsome2007

    best £600 gaming laptop?

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-Gaming-R5-3550H-GeForce-Windows/dp/B07S2ZLNS2/ref=sr_1_4?crid=1QACCN2FFA5FY&keywords=gtx+1650+gaming+laptop&qid=1566099866&s=gateway&sprefix=Gtx+1650+gaming+la%2Caps%2C259&sr=8-4 this cost 679 and has a 1650 and a 120hz screen
  10. Adsome2007

    Sleeve + tech backpack, is it necessary?

    I had the b210 for about a year and I would say that the inside has enough padding and that you don’t need a sleeve
  11. Adsome2007

    Newegg promotion

    I ordered a ryzen 5 from Newegg and it said that I got 3 months free for xbox game pass? How do I receive it will it come in the mail or will the send it gmail
  12. Adsome2007

    1440p 144hz

    Is a ryzen 5 2600 good enough
  13. Adsome2007

    1440p 144hz

    How about a 2060 super would i7 t be able to play at 144fps at 1440p on fortnite
  14. Adsome2007

    1440p 144hz

    Could the 5700 play at 144fps at 1440p on fortite with the high settings preset
  15. Adsome2007

    LG 32GK650F

    Thank you for replying so quickly