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  1. Well then that's settled
  2. What's the way to fix the airflow issue?
  3. I'm in the market for a new laptop. I'm in the US with an open budget. Not worried about battery life all too much. Until yesterday I was sold on the MSI P65 Creator I9 but the Sager looks a lot more tempting. 9th gen i7 with rtx 2070 and a 4k OLED screen. Anyone got one of these already? What's the general consensus on Sager/Clevo. I'm looking to use Gentech PC and want to get some opinion on them too.
  4. Sabs47

    MSI P65 creator i9

    I was completely unaware of the Prema Bios. Guess I'll have to research that. I looked at AW again but for some reason the attraction isn't there anymore. I'll give them another look for sure.
  5. Sabs47

    MSI P65 creator i9

    I believe it's Clevo pb50rc or something to that effect
  6. Sabs47

    MSI P65 creator i9

    I'm coming from an Alienware myself. It's a 2015 ND honestly it has done me no wrong and still runs like a champ but the age is starting to show. I looked at the recommendations you posted. What are your thoughts on the Sager NP8454? It's got a decent price point for a 4k OLED screen , 9th gen i7 and a rtx2070. It popped up while I was looking on Gentech's website.
  7. Sabs47

    MSI P65 creator i9

    I apologize. I should have posted budget. I'm in the 2500-3000 category as long as the specs are worth the money. I'm planning on keeping the laptop for as long as possible.
  8. Sabs47

    MSI P65 creator i9

    Quite honestly, It doesnt really bother me. I dont move my laptop enough to worry about the weight of the charger attached to it so if i run out of battery I just plug it it and keep using it.
  9. Sabs47

    MSI P65 creator i9

    I'm in the US. Battery life isn't much of a concern but the more it can last, the better it is. I'm coming from a 2015 Alienware 15
  10. Sabs47

    MSI P65 creator i9

    Any idea when the Nvidia laptops drop?
  11. Sabs47

    MSI P65 creator i9

    Budget isn't an issue. I use the laptop for video editting, music, pretty much for every thing. I'm trying to stay with 15.6 inch. Weight under 5lbs would be awesome.
  12. I'm in the market for a new laptop and I'm eyeing the p65 creator with I9 processor and 2070. What's everyone's opinion on this laptop? Link: https://www.gentechpc.com/product-p/msi-p65-creator-654.htm Thoughts? Let's hear those opinions.