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  1. Honestly thats amazing! How much voltage is running through the coil?
  2. Here is is a really good video on the topic :). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sww1mek5rHU (in-case the link doesn't work) Arduino Uno to ATmega328 - Shrinking your Arduino Projects by DroneBotWorkshop Also it has a lot of extra info so here is a link to the approximate time stamp to what you were asking about the boot loader. (honestly the whole video is good for learning the UNOs architecture). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sww1mek5rHU&t=914s (15mins, 14seconds into the video) It does not cover how to load the boot loader onto a bare chip, you can also by a bare chip with the boot loader pre installed, and that's what many people do, but here is how to flash a boot loader from the Arduino website. (you will need supplies to do this) https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ArduinoToBreadboard
  3. I dont piticularly like cell phones (maybe I would buy a fairphone with ubuntu touch but I dont like the privacy concerns with IOS and Android). Basically nothing smarthome at all because I prefer full analog control because its almost unhackable without physical acess.
  4. I really only took the time to learn Brainfuck, but I put a brainfuck interpreter written in TI-BASIC on my calculater and low key I only do that in math class now.
  5. wait if they actually got a warrent for 10,000 users private information, is that leagal? If they didnt then hopefully apple and google doesnt coperate.
  6. The only thing I can think of is to be social online and make a network of potential clients.
  7. Ok my reaction of this depends on whether when you sign up for this there very clearly saying "This device will give all data on it to the government", if they even remotely play it down, or hide it, then I think that is so wrong.
  8. I just did some basic recharging on like 6 portable batterys, filled up some water containers and stocked up on chef boyardee, I should be fine. Now the hurricane probaly wont even hit my area. (West coast of florida) But I wish y'all a safe week!
  9. Not doing research so this is mostly pulled out of the back of my head, im pretty sure there's no iGPU (for some tasks that's okay) and no hyper threading (Idk on this one im just pretty sure). Mostly depends if your doing content creation, gaming, or whatever.
  10. I haven't tried this, but I have a few similar dell monitors, but it most likely will work.
  11. Laptops often dont display anything on HDMI until windows has loaded. There might be a BIOS setting to change the capture card to primary display thus displaying to it by default.
  12. Funny thing in the passed week it stopped doing it? Honestly I probaly should get a newer 3ds model and transfer my saves (some games use the internal storage for saves especially my several hundred hour terraria save)
  13. One runs open VPN (To get through my schools content filtering, they filter out Reddit and this forum so thus why I need it) the other is hooked up to my TV as a chromecast / emulation box.
  14. My problem with the bill is that everything can be circumvented in settings and its over control of the goverment.