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  1. How to clean a screen that doesn't want to be clean? I tried following basic guides of using microfiber cloth and water. The thing is when doing that the water dries instantly and stays there making worse. I never had a problem cleaning a screen before until I got my TV. I should have just left it alone. It wasn't THAT bad before and now it's a 1000 times worse. Any ideas on how to clean a stubborn pain in the ass screen?
  2. OK.... I didn't ask this question before as I only put in a cheap model of a QLED. I have to decide between these 2 TV's An LG C9 (for 1500) https://www.bestbuy.com/site/lg-55-class-oled-c9pua-series-2160p-smart-4k-uhd-tv-with-hdr/6338498.p?skuId=6338498 Or a Samsung Q80T for 1200 https://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-55-class-qled-q80-series-4k-uhd-tv-smart-led-with-hdr/6402394.p?skuId=6402394&ref=212&loc=1 Now is their a Huge difference between these 2 now? Now that I chose a much more expensive QLED model. Is there a real notable difference between the 2 in picture quality?
  3. Might as well Wait..... that model is only 48" Never mind they have a 55" for 1700. SO its 200 more. this shit getting pricey. THis better last like 10 years I say The BX is 1500
  4. I heard the CX is actually a downgrade well at least for gaming wise and the C9 is better. That might be a reason why they still are so much. Plus the 9 models apparently have Gsync on them
  5. I have discovered that the Audio cable is to blame. It kind of sounds like a chainsaw. Any recommendations on a new cable? Or maybe its my port. I can not tell Never mind I found the problem
  6. Now it looks like I am going to resort to buying this here https://www.amazon.com/LG-OLED55B9PUA-Ultra-Smart-OLED/dp/B07RMSJT4J/ref=pd_rhf_cr_s_pd_crcbs_0_6/135-6603848-5601718?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07RMSJT4J&pd_rd_r=2884b953-fba7-4a4e-ab74-1d080d556515&pd_rd_w=5MQJH&pd_rd_wg=VkM3R&pf_rd_p=01ff6082-ffbc-4bd8-a7d6-b21cfe5c45b3&pf_rd_r=WWSAF93AZC3P5N84HAG5&refRID=WWSAF93AZC3P5N84HAG5&th=1
  7. Well someone bought the TV.... Maybe I should of jumped on it? It was helishly cheap
  8. Image is stunning. I decided to get one of these. I got a spare system that I can set up as a media system. Its old but very capable
  9. How did you manage to get one so cheap from a retail store? When I'm guessing it was a new model at the time? That's some luck
  10. If you are doing gaming on your system you don't want a card THAT cheap. At that price I would think a PS4 would have better performance.
  11. So I found this listing.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/383611968207 I know its sketchy as the seller is brand new and has only 1 feedback to their name but damn is it cheap. They claim it's new but has no box to it which is also kind of fishy. They also provide no actual pics of the item. The pics there seem like are all default ones. It will also have no warranty to it either but like 500 off retail with the shipping added to the price. I mean if it is a dud I can always charge back right? So would you take the chance and get it?
  12. I never experienced backlight bleed or LED's being too bright. I don't know... what else is there? All of these seem like a myth to me