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  1. No GPU? Also is the RAM in the right slot?
  2. More overclocking features Vs pcie 4.0. What will you get more benefit from?
  3. mdizzle3

    12 cores for gaming.

    Check your fav game, does this utilise 6, 8 or 12 cores? I think 8 will be the sweet spot for a while as it'll closely match the consoles hardware. Personally going for 12 as gaming is secondary for me
  4. Preorder and then send back if benchmarks aren't good enough. Then I'll order something else
  5. I work with a lot of virtual machines, 32gb is a good fit for my primary use. Secondary use wil be gaming (obvs overkill for this). If I pick up 2 sets of the same kit (2x8gb) will it be better or worse than picking up 1 kit (2x16gb)?
  6. Great, I'll have a look at that. Mh other question is on RAM. Will a 2x16gb kit at 3200mhz be better than 2 sets of 2 X 8gb kit at the same speed?
  7. If I buy a Crosshair Vii and a Ryzen 3000 CPU will it work out of the box? I dont have another ryzen CPU to chuck in it and update the bios.
  8. Get the two sticks and buy 2 dummy sticks to fill the gaps
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if the high end x470s start flying off the shelves once x570 board prices are released. Surely a crosshair vii is better value to most users that a low end x570? It is stacked with features, the low end x570.will.jusy have pcie 4.0 support. Most of us will not saturate 3,0 for years to.come yet!
  10. Valid point. My use case is more CPU heavy rather than GPU. I mainly run VM work but would like to game on the rig too. Thought I'd be better off with a x470 board with great VRM rather than a low end 570 board.
  11. Ive been looking at this too. I am starting from scratch and was thinking of getting a mid/high end x470 (decent VRM) with the 3800x or 3900x. I plan to run stock speeds (maybe a slight OC) RAM Probably 3400 ish GPU will be the new Navi or Vega 64. I thought the x470 borard were getting some PCie 4.0 support?