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  1. Hello there, Yesterday was struck with the idea of doing a push+pull with my NZXT H710 case. My AIO is Kraken X72. Things seemed to look good(in my head), but then I remembered that my GPU is 327mm (MSI 2080Ti Gaming Trio). So I started to have doubts on two questions and hoping to get some answers here: 1. Will it actually fit. The space between the GPU and the 2 sets of fans(default case ones and the kraken ones) seems to be rather small. 2. Temperatures. I do understand that the Kraken's radiator will get a better deal of air, but that air will be pointing in the direction of the GPU. My current AIO placement is on the top with push configuration. I would go for push+pull on the top of the case, but having the MSI Z390 MEG Ace board I struck in the problem of AIO fans getting in the way of mobo's radiators, so had to put the radiator in the extra space of the case, which seems to have been designed for cases of additional fans. The pc is mostly for gaming, but I do get frustrated once the CPU (and ofc GPU) fans starting to work. Will be moving to watercooling, but that is a question for another day(don't have anything even closely related to "Micro Center" or similar, and purchasing a watercooling kit will be a 1+ month of waiting with an addition of being novice and obviosly screwing things up with assemble and order of all needed parts). So for now I merely wish to achieve a better scenario of overall cooling and noice levels with what I have at my disposal. Thanks.