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  1. Interesting, what role would the ppi value play with those factors in mind, since i noticed this problem in particulary the aliasing issue is less to not noticeable at all on objects with "enough" available pixels to display the image. My theorie would be high ppi meaning a smaller monitor with a 4k display might solve alot of these issues.
  2. I am curious. does that mean a native 4k signal including a real 4k montior will result in better image quality then dsr 4k.
  3. Capture some videos with an ofsreen camera (Smartphone for example) that would be a nice piece of evidence for this, also ask him if he would be able to try his PC/Console at your place.
  4. There is a simple way to proof that theory but still nobody has definitve evidence, somebody just buy a notebook and hook it up with a generator or solar panel then we will know.
  5. Its worth investigating in that direction for sure.
  6. How did you tweak the Total War games i was unable to acomplish that even with DSR.
  7. Capture that with your phone or camera and send it straight to nvidia and ask them how that is normal in there opinion.
  8. It indeed is, my observation so far is that metall or other reflecting textures are the main issue here, thats also the reason why at night time most of the textures look absolutly fine.
  9. Still the question remains, what can impact every device in the same way and only localized while still persistent if you move a device. I honestly think we can nail it down to some very weird interferences or some power issue which in my opinion is less likely. Threre is probably nothing we can do and thats what so frustrating, alot of people get to enjoy games while for us its not possible for this very weird reason.
  10. Thats because a TV has bad ppi value, anyone tried it on a real 4k monitor with a usual size.
  11. Doesnt that lead to a certain conclusion, this means there are external causes for this maybe you can try some things would be highly appreciated, also how about asking them for support maybe they are more helpfull then AMD or Nvidia, just a thought.
  12. Capture videos with a ofscreen camera and describe in detail what happend and what you did, so far you are one of the few that solved this temporarly but your explanation is lacking at best, if we ever want to find out whats wrong we need to find out what you did or rather what changed.
  13. I am wondering that too, i just want to enjoy my games again, still in some its just that weird it cant be normal i am sure about that. Providing footage without this issue is rather difficult i guess since even videos are not displayed correctly.
  14. I can defintily tell you that this guy you are talking to is delusional, this issue though is very real for many of us and there is no solution so far which is frustrating. The reason why many dont believe us is probably that capturing the footage with software somehow doesnt make it visible for people that dont have it, i noticed this while i asked people on what they think about a video which looked awfull for me but fine for them. Here is some videos i captured with my phone that show clearly whats wrong:
  15. I just said its probably not the PC itself if you read my earlier comment which suggests it has something to do with the display or rather how the signal gets to the monitor.