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  1. Ya my goal is 60fps or better in 1440p and when the 3000 series hit. I hope to jump to a better suited card for 1440p.
  2. I just snagged a great deal on a open box 2060 super. Right now I have a older 1080p 144hz monitor but I’m about to pull the trigger on a LG IPS 1440p monitor. The question is will I be playing non esports titles at a lower FPS at max settings? I mostly play wow and have game pass and try to play all the newer games there. The Reviews seem to show 60+ FPS on these titles. However not sure I trust them fully. Trying to gauge everyone else opinion.
  3. Some threads I read the people are hopeful Adrenaline 2020 update will work and fix. But I'm in my return window and can't take a chance.
  4. Bringing my Power color 5700xt back. I'm now fully wiped windows newest bios/rolling back etc etc. Constantly have display issues playing games and even when I'm not around I have tons on windows errors for display issues. Was pretty disappointed in this because I wanted to love the card.
  5. I know this isn’t a popular size or ppi and just all around hate. However I am looking for a 27”in 1080p 144hz monitor. I read some reviews and I’m torn with a VA curved or IPS. Just wanting to know what brands seem to have good track record.
  6. Thanks, I'll look into it more tonight. I'm trying to understand the Ryzen 2nd gen better as far as XRF and PBO goes. I might be missing settings as well. I typically play pay a mix of high/ultra settings on 1440p 144hz. I have a Aorus RTX 2080. I guess what I really need to do is wipe out my benchmarks and start from scratch and record them all again. I agree that if I see minimal gains 1-3% but running more power/temps. It's not going to be worth . Thanks the the reply's, I appreciate it.
  7. Thanks, I'm running 1440p now myself. ya I agree the MOBO need to be the same. It's funny how all the ASUS boards are slightly different settings across the board. So what I did was this 2 nights ago. Reset all settings on my MOBO. so performance enhancer etc is all set to auto. this had me bouncing between 3.9-4.0GHz. I testing R15 and some games to get some ideas. I noticed my volts about mostly be 1.375 range, but idle over 1.4. My heat in R15 was about 82 by the end of it. Then I enabled PBO- same tests. again ranged from 3.9ish -4.1ghz a few times. Heat for R15 hit 92c at the end. Score was 60 points higher than me leaving at stock settings/profiles. Games I test/benchmarks were almost identical, some slightly better/worse. AI Suite III (yes the Auto OC that everyone hates). Only boosted me to 3.8GHZ on all cores at like 1.28v. R15 was bout 140 points lower than PBO but never hit more than 75c. Now gaming benchmarks were beter by a few FPS and I seen a % boost on 3d mark for every test I ran.. This to me seemed very odd. BUT for some reason no matter what I do for settings the Suite always overrides my power plan to balance and puts my PC to sleep. had few lock ups, so I uninstalled it. Lastly, Last night I got my new cooler installed. I ran r15 again all stock MOBO settings. My score was the same as before within a few points but my Temps never got past 61c. So it dropped 20c over the stock ryzen cooler. My goal was to not be gimped by my CPU in gaming at all. I'm not sure I am in most cases but I do notice alot that when I run in game benchmarks etc my GPU never goes over 95%. Sorry long reply
  8. ya PBO right now is running 1.375 to 1.42. whats funny is I did the auto Suite 3 over clock which no one seems to like. it only capped me at 3.8 on all cored but 1.3v and it was 1% slower than PBO. My new cooler comes tomorrow. I'll be messing with manual
  9. Hey, thanks for the reply. what is funny I don't think I had PBO enabled. I watched some vidoes and messed with my BIOS and found the "PBO" options. which before I think I just turned on performance enhance mode. I also downloaded Ryzen master to see more info and I ordered a new Air CPU cooler today that will be here tomorrow. Anything else I need to know about this?
  10. Damn, that Macho looks beefy as hell. I'll pull up my case specs now. TY
  11. Ya it fits. going through the full list. there are so many options out there vs like the 3 everyone seem to recommend.
  12. Me either that is why i came here to ask.
  13. Hey Budget I haven't really considered I would say middle of the road, $60-$75 USD. I didn't know PC part picker would tell me if it would fit or not. I'll have to try it out.