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  1. Didn't notice mATX part Sunny care much about airflow as it will be cooled with floor
  2. CoolerMaster MasterBox Q300L caught my eye. Budget case, looks really good - not flashy at all. Any experience with this case? Will watch/read some reviews tomorrow.
  3. All these cases will fit regular size PSU?
  4. You are right. But I can bet I can go away with low flow because of the volume of liquid in the loop. 35m of tubing will hold ca. 4L on its own. Hardly any WC system gets anywhere near it. I will experiment with the pumps I have. In my pc I have this pump known for being modded with solder mod to boost its performance - that was long time ago, will have to refresh my memory. Also have two aquarium pumps to test (planning on getting bigger one for a fish tank anyways).
  5. I haven't seen this one and have to say the looks is pretty perfect for me. Loving the PSU compartment. Not too convinced with tempered glass - i am old and have no RGB in my system apart for random / generic green diods on the motherboard hope it wont have me banned here... What's the longest GPU i can fit there? Even thou i plan on getting mini/nano or whatever manufacturers call this form factor, still want to know. A pass-through at the back for two WC tubes would be lit. See here why: FLOOR PASSIVE COOLING but hey, i won heavily modded CM Cosmos 1000 and BitFenix ShinobiXL - i find my way around a Dremel tool
  6. Spent some time looking for a perfect case and tbh I don't really like what I see. This DefineC is slim, but isn't particularly small. On the other hand if I want to have ATX and PSU together it can't be too small. Hmm...
  7. Greetings! I am after a case to replace my BitFenix ShinobiXL and this time I want to go small. I am going to move internals and will be replacing a GPU with a -perhaps- GTX1070 mini. So what I need is a case that will fit ATX motherboard and a regular size PSU. I don't care about 5.25 bays. Look is important for me - stealth looking > flashy looking (too old for that). Budget under 100$. Cheers
  8. I have doubts a PC cooling system is more restrictive them 1.75km of tubing with hundreds of 90° turns and tens of 180° turns. Half of that length is at the upper floor, so it is not a single plane. And 3x manifolds with 26 rotameters with cut-off valves... I still think these Koolance pumps are just ridiculous.
  9. 11m head pressure? A circulation pump in a heat pump i use as heat source for my house has 4.8m @ ca 16L/min and runs 1750m of tubing in 26 loops. Who this Koolance pump is actually for? Hard to imagine a cooling system optimal for this pump...
  10. That's why I want to have an option for connecting the rad ready and waiting at my desk. You know what crossed my mind as much cheaper option compared to x2 D5s? Aquarium pump similar to one I use in my sump. It has 2m+ head pressure, can be run submerged if needed - I can use a bucket as a reservoir and since it will be an open system (evaporation must be under control) the pressure on WCing components won't be an issue.
  11. Sup... first post. Be gentle I got into watercooling quite some time ago. Got my first WCed rig (8800GT SLI) way back in uhm... 2006 and ever since i never had any air cooler on my CPUs / GPUs Currently sitting on an i7-2600K (quite OK unit >>5GHz @ 4C/8T ezy pzy<<, got it from an overclocker from XtremeSystems who got it to 5.5GHz on LN2) and a GTX780 both sitting on MSI P67a-GD65 with 8GB RAM and bunch of drives. All in a BitFenix Shinobi XL with Thermochill PA360.3 (any old timer still remembers it and how much cooling potential it has?) and an EK 240 thick radiator (don't remember the exact model), XSPC RASA slapped on CPU and FC EK waterblock on a GPU. Oh... and i still have unused and boxed HW Labs BlackIce SR-1 420 radiator that will be waiting patiently for MiniMe to grow up and get hooked on WCing So to the point: I am about to move in into new house i have build over the last 2 years in Poland. It has floor heating on its 230m2 and has one peculiar extra loop - 35m of a floor heating tube with an inlet and outlet under the to-be-build-desk where my PC in my man-cave will be placed you know where am i going with this? 1) heat capacity of concrete floor is quite high (thickness in my case varies from 6 to 9cm) and at the same time inertia of heat flow is rather low. In other words: it will heat up slowly and will cool down slowly. 2) floor will never be heated above 28°C so i can assume that's gonna be my max ambient temperature. It is more likely, considering my house is very energy efficient, floor temperature will not pass 25°C. Cooling liquid will always be warmer than that and there will be no situation when loop is being heated by the floor - it will be always other way around. So for those who don't know about floor heating it is done like that (perspective of this pic is really distorted as windows on left and right are perpendicular to each other): And the additional loop i have placed in a very last literally hour before the floor was poured. And as of now the loop ends look similar like on the pic below (man-cave is already tiled and the walls are finished with plaster and painting): As you can see i know exactly what i am doing with this. What i need is some advice on WC gear as i have stopped following the market / trends many years ago (family, work, lack of time for gaming etc.the usual story...): - circulation pump: i doubt regular WC pump will be able to handle such hydraulic resistance (tube has ID=12mm and 35m length). So i will be getting a pump used typically in heating systems. Is it the right route? You have other suggestions? - i need to figure out quick-disconnects and want to build some sort of a manifold to be able to quickly attach / detach PC without bleeding air into the loop. Preferably at the desk's top close to the PC case. If the loop is not efficient enough i want to be able to quickly add radiators at my will. Any advice how to approach this aspect of a system? - what sort of reservoir do i need? The volume of liquid in a tube alone gonna be pi*r^2*L = 3.1415*0.006m^2*35m = ca 4L, so really little. But considerably a lot in terms of WC systems (BIG tube reservoir for PC is 0.4L). - since i will not be needing (if it all works at the end... ) radiators i will be on the market for a small case. Not planning on changing my PC dramatically, so ATX MB size, fairly long GPU and at least 2x HDD and few SSD must fit in that case. If it has bulk-head type pass through at the back to run the tubes, that would save me time on modding the case. ALL ON BOARD THE CHOO-CHOO TRAIN!