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  1. Thanks guys, I truly appreciate the advice. Decided to change the board for a Tomahawk like mentioned. I really love the case so I'm too stubborn to change it. Perhaps I could spend some extra and buy a decent Noctua. If I made more mistakes, please let me know!
  2. The main goal is to play 1440P on ulta. I hope to play (on average 70 FPS or above).
  3. Hi, So here's my new build that I'm going to order next week. This build is strictly for playing World of Warcraft. Question What GPU do I need to play Battle for Azeroth at 1440p in any given situation. The goal is to spend as little money as possible (Arena, 24 man raids, a big city etc). Also If you see any errors in my build or recommend other parts, please let me know which and why. Keep in mind that my goal here is to spend as little as possible to achieve comfortable 1440P in World of Warcraft. My monitor T.B.D.
  4. How do I determine what the perfect CPU for me is? Does higher clock + cores always mean a better CPU? (considering 2700x has a better base clock than the 3700x) For World of Warcraft, should I buy Intel or AMD?
  5. People were asking me for more information Budget: Maximum €1500 for desktop, but that's the point. I'm specifically for a desktop as cheap as possible where I can raid in World of Warcraft (Shadowlands) 40 man without dropping below 60FPS. Aim: Do 40-man raids in World of Warcraft Shadowlands without dropping below 60FPS at 1440P No parts older than 2016 Must be capable of dual screen (2x 32 inch) I literally use this build only for Shadowlands and some light 1080P video editing (sony vegas) spend as little money as possible Monitor: 2 * aoc-cq32g1 Peripherals: I have everything from Razer, ready to go. Why am I upgrading: I am currently on a laptop just for computer science ed, which has 2 cores and a D tier video card. I am not using this for gaming.
  6. Hello, So my question is basically. I'm preparing for World of Warcraft Shadowlands. It's blackfriday soon, so I want a computer now, as mine is about to die. I basically want a computer where I can do 40 man raids on 60-80 FPS consistently at 1440P. I want to spend as little money as possible to be able to do this properly. Note: I have all the peripherals ready, just need the desktop. What's your build advice :)? Thanks a bunch!!!
  7. So I'm going to purchase a storage device 660p or 860 evo. My question is how I can figure out whether the 660p would fit in my laptop or not.
  8. Is it possible to swap it for a 6 core i5 CPU?
  9. Hello, So I have a laptop and I hate that the performance is so low, but I don't want to buy a whole new laptop now. The problem is that both my CPU and GPU are incredibly out dates so I understand the limitations. Laptop type: Acer aspire e5-771g-700b CPU: Intel i7 5500U -- 2 Cores / 4 Threads 2.9 Ghz GPU: Intel 5500 HD Graphics / GeForce 840M Ram: 16GB Ram DDR3 1600mhz (added 8 in the past) SSD: 860 Evo 500GB (Replaced this already because it had an HDD) Question: I suppose I could only change the ram for a 3000 mhz to improve the perfomance, but I want to know: Will this improve my gaming performance? Also, what else can I do to boost my game performance if at all?
  10. 1. Budget & Location €1300 - The Netherlands 2. Aim Programming (C# / Java / Rub), World of Warcraft, Video editing (mainly adobe) 3. Monitors Haven't really decided yet. Probably something that runs 1440P smoothly, 1ms refrehs 144hz. 4. Peripherals Already own everything 5. Why are you upgrading? My device is incredibly out-dated
  11. Condering that I do not game much, how will the GPU be beneficial to me?
  12. Hello, So I'm using this build mainly for Adobe video editing / Back-end Software dev (rendering large 1440p files), and some (low demanding GPU games such as WoW and LoL). Specs I aim for: Motherboard: ? Ryzen 3700x 2060 Super 16GB RAM 3200Ghz 960 EVO 1TB 650w Gold PSU (didn't decide yet) Should I buy a cheaper 3.0 PCIe motherboard and invest the money elsewhere? Another question: Do you recommend I'd stick to a less impressive motherboard and spend the money in a 9900K instead of a 3700X?
  13. Hello, Browsing through the AMD forums I noticed a bunch of 1-2 month old threats concerning the RX5700XT GPU. I was wondering if this issue was fixed or not as I am planning to buy my parts within 2 months. Even Linus made a video suggesting not to buy this GPU ''just yet''. But my question then leads to... When do I buy it?
  14. Oh right, here's some more info: In total I was aiming for: 256 SSD (or NVME if budget is left over) 16 GB ram (3000Mhz preffered) (already have a network adapter) Motherboard depends whatever is compatible with the other parts (need 2 usb 3.0), CPU cooler something like a 'Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L' GPU: ? CPU:? Case: Anything around €50~200 Total budget: €1300 (already have Windows) Goals of this machine: Mainly for programming (Java, C#, Ruby) Video Editing (Anything adobe related) MMORPG's, Mostly WoW