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  1. Struck me in the same kind of way... very odd when there are workable solutions you could contribute towards instead though. My understanding of it was that the app would have to be open with the screen on and in the foreground at all times for it to work at all... I mean my battery would be dead within two hours running like that , not a big portion of a day to be able to track.
  2. So the UK is trying to implement its own solution for contact tracing, separate from the apple/google joint effort that other countries in the EU are using, by adding it to the NHS app. The article I've linked raises an in interesting potential flaw (aside from privacy concerns) that I hadn't thought of, was wondering if any developers on here could speak to how accurate it is? The TLDR version is that most modern smartphones automatically block background bluetooth activity on apps, in android after several minutes and on iOS straight away. The implication is that their chosen method would only work while your phone was unlocked and the app was either open and active, or had been very recently. Not if your phone was in your pocket, for example. The Google/Apple solution gets around that by baking their solution in to the OS. Anyone know how true this is? I can't imagine it being a particularly effective solution if the ability to trace contacts was limited times when the app was open. https://www.theregister.co.uk/AMP/2020/05/05/uk_coronavirus_app
  3. I've been on broken down old laptops until I built this a week or two ago. I ended up upgrading to 20.04 via 19.1 in the end and it resolved most of my issues. Newer problems with my WiFi card on it, but managed to fiddle the grub bootloader settings to fix it so everything is finally running smoothly (fingers crossed!).
  4. It would work that way if I was going from 19 to 20, but I stick to LTS releases for my work computer so I'm starting from 18.04. The upgrade path from 18.04 to 20.04 won't officially be available until July, just after the release of 20.04.1. Not sure if that kind of extra delay is normal when upgrading from LTS editions (I've never had new enough hardware for it to matter to me ). I think i remember the switch from 16 to 18 taking about a month?
  5. Yeah, at the moment 20.04 isn't listed as a development version of an LTS available for upgrade (that won't be available until July) so isn't automatically listed there, but I can change that. Thankfully I'm all good on backups (for a change ). Fresh install so all the data has just been transferred across from a backup drive. Easy enough to start again if I have to.
  6. Yeah I was planning on going to 20.04 soon. I was expecting to be prompted to by Software Updater any day now anyway so was holding off for that, but might just do it now
  7. I didn't think it would be, but worth checking. I would switch to linux only, but I kind of like having the division of an environment mainly for work. It helps my productivity. When I am logged in to Ubuntu I know I should be in "work mode". Besides, some of the games I play still don't work well with lutris / other linux solutions and I occasionally have to work on windows when I'm doing something with colleagues who will only use windows only software, or need software licenses from work... so I'm stuck with it for now.
  8. I have recently built a desktop (MSI B450m VHD Max, Ryzen 5 3600 and RTX 2060 basic info). I set it up as a dual boot system. I have one NVMe drive with both windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 operating systems (Linux Kernel 4.15) on it, and a second 4Tb HDD for data (partitioned in two: 2Tb NTFs exclusively for use on windows, and 2Tb EXT4). I was having some strange instability on my Ubuntu setup. I seem to have fixed it but was wondering if anyone here could explain it? Basically, while downloading a relatively large (80gb) dataset my 2Tb EXT4 partition kept on remounting as read only after encountering an error. I checked the drive using a bunch of methods and everything came back fine, didn't seem to be any bad sectors. Checking dmesg, it always happened after a series of IOMMU error messages eventually leading to trying to write something strange to the disk that it didn't accept (unfortunately I didn't save the logs). Disabling IOMMU in my grub config seems to have solved it in the short term. Has anyone else come across this kind of issue? I guess updating my Linux Kernel might resolve it, but was holding out for the next LTS version to come to the software updater.
  9. I was planning on setting joining in and setting up on the marathon as recommended for the folks who are likely to just set up and leave things running ;). I switch between linux and windows a lot on a dual boot setup. Wondering if there is a way to have the linux client pickup where my windows one leaves off (in a shared drive) or whether I should just let them run independently of each other and treat them as separate machines that never run together .
  10. A review without preference is just a list of specs and features? I can read the manual for that. When people review anything... restaurants, hotels, hardware, they can only go on their experience of it, and their preferences are going to impact that.
  11. Just built my first as well... your cable management puts mine to shame . Looks great.
  12. A while back I picked up a relatively cheap keyboard with Kailh browns (Thermaltake Ttesports: German layout because it was on sale). I have started having big issues with double key presses all over the keyboard (one tap registered as two) and it is driving me insane. Other people have had the same issue from the looks of things online). I have carefully cleaned it multiple times but it doesn't seem to do much for me (it was pretty clean inside inside anyway). Maybe there is more I can do to service the switches themselves? Alternatively, does anyone have any recommendations for a low budget mechanical, with focus on good reliability? Unfortunately I can't really go out and test switches for feel at the moment, but browns seem to suit me OK. Open to other suggestions though. My priority is work / typing / coding rather than games. I took a look at some of the recommendations from the channels recent video and was tempted by the Logi Orion, but it is out of stock everywhere at the moment (UK) I was tempted to go for something with Logi romer switches instead. Any strong negatives against them on here? Budget would be £80. Ideally lower but I could stretch if it is worth the extra money. Edit: Would be willing to try blues as well... But I'm not sure I'd want to take them back to the office after this. Found this on amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/HyperX-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard-Layout/dp/B07BKHP2NK/ . I did spot a Ducky One with Cherry Browns for about £75 but no experience of them
  13. Thanks for looking though, even used the cam link 4ks are pricey. A lot of the logi webcams are out of stock in the UK at the moment as well :'). Might just have to hold off or the time being
  14. Hmm yeah a second lag would be unfortunate. I might look in to it after pay day. Actually, looking online now it seems the camlink 4k is out of stock all over now. I guess a bunch of people had the same issue
  15. Potentially the wrong thread so feel free to move this! Given the ongoing situation I have a lot more online meetings at the moment. I'm switching to my laptop for them to use the inbuilt webcam at the moment. I was looking at either buying a cheap webcam or hooking up my Sony A6000 with a hdmi capture device so I can stay on my desktop. Everywhere I've seen recommends an elgato cam link, but it is a bit pricey for my purposes. Does anyone have a more budget recommendation? Or am I better off just going for a cheap logi webcam for my purposes? (Seems a waste when I have my Sony with some nice lenses already).