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  1. So, I have migrated my windows installation from a 64gb disk to a 256gb one, but it has also copied my partitions with the wrong letters of course and it has named my recovery partition to D:, which should be my data drives letter,(it is now H:), now my programs are messed up cuz of path, also some games copy over files to this partition. Is there any way to change this to any letter except for D:??? I've tried windows 10 default disk management tool, yet to no avail, as well as diskpart, where I can't find the correct volume I wish to reassign. Any help is appreciated! Cheers!
  2. I'll take your word. And thank you very much for everything. You're the best! Respect!
  3. Ok. Now I know I'm getting annoying (sorry). But if you show me a video with all on very high (shadow settings), and the jaggies are there (at that hospital pls), then I'll leave you alone, and won't bother with this anymore!
  4. Only problem is that you had your shadow quality on high. And I don't really want high res shadows on, for I don't have 8 gigs of vram,
  5. Yeah. But this torrent dude claims that on very high it's gone?
  6. Thank you very much for the clips! The first one looks just like mine. But still. What settings are yours? Very High? I would like to know for sure if you don't mind! But the first one was very comforting. The second one is just normal, that happens with sharp shadows.
  7. Yeah well I am going to ask a friend. Btw, could you record a clip at the same location I have pls?
  8. Yeah, but both are on very high. Tried switching back and forth, however it doesn't help.
  9. Of course! Otherwise I wouldn't share it!
  10. It is a thing, that I guess happens only to me. I mean, that the anisotropic filtering in the game gets broken, so even if I have set to x16 it wont work. So it has blurry road lines and textures in the distance. I always have to change it in program settings to fix it,
  11. Ok I'll do that. Oh and btw. When I reinstall drivers, the games anisotropic filtering gets wrecked, and I have to resurrect it via nvcp. So this might work. So? Are they they the same?
  12. yeah Done that all. Didn't do anything :(((((((((((((