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  1. Man I fixed that, now I have another problem you can see it on my latest post
  2. When I play a sound test on my PC, when it says left, both headphones work(like a mono sound), but when the right sound plays, there isn't any sound. I tried them on my phone and they work perfectly, I am sure that the problem is not in the headphones or the cables. I updated the drivers, I checked everything, sound control panel, sound levels, but nothing worked. Please Help!!
  3. When I play Fortnite or chill on Discord with somebody, people hear the audio from my PC. I saw everything and did everything I could and I can't fix it, I tried the control panel method, I tried the realtek method and nothing worked. I know that my mic is not leaking because when I mute my microphone they still hear the game, music or everything I play. Please help! I play on PC on a B450 Tomahawk MAX
  4. What is the best 3200mhz 16gb memory kit for the money?
  5. @TofuHaroto I wanted to ask will it have any bottlenecks or something?
  6. Will the ryzen 5 3600 run with an rx5700 or a 2060 super?
  7. Is the Corsair RM650x good for rtx 2060 and a ryzen 5 3600?
  8. I overclocked my cpu at 4000mhz on 1.1875v and it runs nice but, when i shutdown my pc and turn it on later(basically restart) the overclock dissapears and it is back to 1.3v as it came out of the box. Can someone tell me what is the issue and how to fix it. PS: I do this on Ryzen master.
  9. @gloop @Tido_III @TofuHaroto I mis-typed the voltage LMAOO. I ment 1.1875v I made it like that coz I get lower temps. by 5-10*C (On 240Hz screen)
  10. I overclocked my Ryzen 5 3600 on 4000mhz on 1.1875 volt (on stock cooler). I get 60-67*C while playing Fortnite. Is that good?
  11. @WereCatf yeah but I am sure it is the monitor cuz when I get of my PC my eyes stop hurting after 15 minutes or so..