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  1. Nobody has tried these coolers o.o
  2. Hey Team, So basically im in the market for an AIO to cool my new rig, and i absolutely love the design of both of these coolers im about to link, its so hard to pick between them. The things i look for \- Pump noise, ive had SO many liquid coolers were you get bubbles or a very loud pump, its frustration at max \- Reliability, no leaks, and a nice design \- I see alot of reviews with fan noise at max, as long as i can lower the fans im happy So here at the 2 coolers im choosing between, i love the designs, rgb, and apparently they both use inhouse pump designs that are really good ( from reviews on youtube ) https://www.pccasegear.com/products/49272/ek-waterblocks-aio-liquid-cpu-cooler-240mm-d-rgb https://www.pccasegear.com/products/48867/deepcool-castle-240ex-aio-liquid-cpu-cooler-white Any opinions appreciated
  3. oh thanks for the info, yeah the previous AIO was intake at the front, ill go over the links and look around.
  4. Sorry i forgot to mention my case https://www.mwave.com.au/product/deepcool-macube-310-midtower-atx-case-white-ac28722 atm i only have 1 LL120 Corsair fan in the exhaust, i do tend to use boosted cores alot for long periods, and im also paranoid about Australian summers so i like my CPU to stay below 60C
  5. Budget (including currency): 200 Country: Australia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming mostly and light streaming/youtube video recording Other details: Z490 MSi MPG Gaming Plus motherboard and an RX 5700 Hey team, I recently returned a 240MM Corsair cooler because the pump was making a god awful noise so i just refunded it and plopped on the stock cooler ( this is my ryzen system and my god it was a hot cpu. ) which im upgrading to the i5 10400 and switching to team blue. Anyway. I am after a new cooler now the money has come back, as my 10400 is on the way, one of my local youtubers Tech Yes Tested it on the stock cooler in a proper case ( not open air ) and it maxed out at 77C which is impressive imo. so beyond my rant, basically it seems like you dont need a beefy cooler for the 10400, thats all im getting at haha. So im looking at either an air cooler or a 120MM AIO, i also hate to much cabling involved in my coolers these are the AIO's im stuck between, i care most about noise of the pump. https://www.pccasegear.com/products/42063/nzxt-kraken-m22-120mm-aio-liquid-cpu-cooler https://www.pccasegear.com/products/49270/ek-waterblocks-aio-liquid-cpu-cooler-120mm-d-rgb If anyone has experienced these coolers id love to hear about them.
  6. Hey Team So basically with my old ryz 5 2600 i could just go into bios, set a vcore, all done and all good, with the 3600 ive had weird behavior, my mobo is an MSi B450 Carbon, so i set the vcore to 0.980 which works fine at x36/3600 core boost off and PBO off, 3600 is enough for what i do day to day and temps are nice, i also set my NB to the same, as i read that the NB Voltage needs to match or be lower. It worked, HWInfo64 read it all good. Then i tried a 4Ghz undervolt at 1.1/1.2 with the same settings with VCore and NB, and that worked, but it was just for fun so after i redid my 3600Mhz settings. Now HWInfo keeps reading 1.085 to 1.1 Volts on the Core VID, but before it was 0.980 till i did the 4Ghz change. I am so confused and trying to understand how undervolting works and what settings should be changed when looking at NB Cores, and VCore volts, i want to understand how NB Volts effect VCore and override vs offset, basically i want to achieve lower than 0.980 volts at 3600 which should be perfectly possible and the changes to reflect in HWInfo64 so i know its worked.
  7. i recently got an MSi Gaming X 5700 non-xt, and its fantastic, never goes above 60C, silent as can be even when the fans are spinning at 1400 rpm i cant hear them and it OC's like a champ, easily got the Core clock to 1900 with no stability issues what so ever.
  8. hello team, so i just picked up an MSi B450 Pro Carbon AC with a ryzen 5 3600 and everything is running but i noticed the clocks aren't moving with PBO/Core Performance boost off it just stays at 3.6Ghz, and never moves or wavers, i managed to do some research and lowered the voltages with ryzen master to get my h100i cooling to a lovely idle temp of 41C but it seems like nothing i do gets the clocks to move. I tried Power plan 5% min cpu usage. Bios enable CoolNQuiet and C-State control The MSi bios is ugly as hell , some grey bios with confusing options. i miss the proper bios. Basically, i just want my CPU to downclock when i am not doing much, it worked perfectly fine on my ryzen 2600
  9. Thanks for the advice. This is not an option as the 5700 is already sitting right next to me haha, and the new PC build is arriving Monday, i have already been using the 5700 for fun in my 2600 previous / old build and its been fantastic, the latest drivers seem quite decent and i like the AMD CC for undervolting/OCing, it performs perfectly fine for my needs. i did read about the driver issues and debacle with the RX AMD Series, it seems to be getting better and Freesync is nice which both those monitors support.
  10. Thanks for the link, after reading this it seems IPS would a great medium for me I dont really play competitive games, the most "Competitive" game i play is destiny 2 and i mostly play for the graphics and PVE content, i spend most of my time in games with story, RTS, and i love great colors, excellent visuals, and the 144 hz / 1ms ( if that's truly 1ms ) are just a bonus to me. I also want that smooth windows experience when doing stuff, moving windows, scrolling text, etc and watching anime. All this is to go with my new build, R5 3600, MSi Gaming X 5700, and MSi Pro Carbon MB with a bunch of RGB. Unless im reading all this wrong, that article suggests IPS would be a good medium between visuals and performance/high refresh rate
  11. Hey Team, So basically i brought a kogan branded monitor that was advertised as 144 hz , 1440p, curved and 27 inches, and found out its basically a rebranded Viotek monitor, ive had alot of issues with contrast, warm colors look odd and washed, overdrive or as its called "Response time" low medium and high don't seem to help much and i get fairly notice-able ghosting, and when scrolling through colored text on black backgrounds/grey, the colors like, distort its odd. So im returning it and looking into other options and i was wondering what you guys think of IPS against VA, i like my colors to pop, a buttery experience, and as little ghosting/scrolling issues as possible. I have these 2 options for the same price ( my refund ), and they are compelling so i was after some opinions https://www.mwave.com.au/product/msi-optix-g271-27-144hz-full-hd-1ms-freesync-ips-gaming-monitor-ac33579 https://www.mwave.com.au/product/aoc-c27g2-27-165hz-fhd-1ms-freesync-va-curved-gaming-monitor-ac33070 I love the idea of an MSi monitor since my entire rig is MSi haha, i love their brand
  12. Sounds good, and I've seen people on yt of the card and get amazing results, I'm gonna grab it
  13. I prefer new because the store I buy from has a warehouse five minutes from me, so warranty is nice Also what sloth said, AUD prices are insane
  14. i changed my settings to dark mode to see what you guys see and changed the text color, should be better now
  15. i get this message about my text every time i post, i'm using the default settings from when i signed up? how do i fix this?