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  1. So, for example, if I remove the graphics card, plug my VGA cable into the iGPU, it should work?
  2. Hi, so I got a GT 1030 about 8 months ago and I installed the drivers for it, but after that, any remnants of my Intel HD Graphics completely disappeared. My VGA output connected to my motherboard stopped outputting a signal. When I hooked it up to my VGA monitor, it had stated "No Signal". My CPU is an Intel Core i5 - 650, so this may be normal, but if I could get it to act as a Quicksync GPU, it could help out for game recording, which is something I do, unless it doesn't support it. Even if it doesn't, oh well, the VGA port would be useful.
  3. Ok, I am sorry that I didn't say it, although i didn't think I needed to if I was planning for a 1660 Super, but I am planning to also buy something new and future proof. The 1660 Super is based upon one of the newest architectures and although I know AMD has good options, I prefer Nvidia. Not sure why, but I do. No offense.
  4. Ok, thank you! I really needed this. There were some other forums that had said it wasn't available, but I knew that this place was the most reliable that I know, so I asked!
  5. Hey, I am looking for a GPU to replace my GT 1030. I am a YouTuber that records video using OBS, but I have to rely on x264 on a dual-core i5 CPU from the Clarkdale era. I was thinking about getting a GTX 1660 Super, but I am not sure if it has NVENC which is something I badly need. I failed to do so with the GT 1030 which I had assumed had it. Yes, I am very aware that I will be heavily CPU bottlenecked, but that doesn't bother me, I just need a decent graphics card for cheap. Even if the graphics card has a slower NVENC than the RTX cards, I am sure it would be able to handle 1366x768 60 fps recordings. My CPU, on the other hand, drops frames at 720p 24 fps on the ultrafast preset. Should I get the card? I am literally flat broke, relying on my parents' generosity and Christmas gifts, so I am not looking for answers like "omg why do you have a dual-core cpu" or "just buy a new pc". I can't. I don't have the money. Literally to get a 1660 Super, I would have to sell my GT 1030 first only to get around $50 - $65. Anyways, your thoughts?
  6. Hi. I am selling my PC for around $500 and building one similar to LTT's Holiday 2018 $500 budget PC build, but I ran into a problem. I am planning to record using the PC I plan to build. My first question is, can I use the nVidia GTX 1050 Ti in a machine with an AMD processor (I am used to using Intel, but I wanted to make the switch), and if so, should I use the GTX 1050 Ti in the system, or an RX 570? This is the GTX 1050 Ti I was thinking of getting: https://www.newegg.com/msi-geforce-gtx-1050-ti-gtx-1050-ti-gaming-x-4g/p/N82E16814137054 And I know the RX 570 is more powerful for gaming, but if I have to use my CPU for encoding, I have found that it's a much bigger threat to your system than NVENC. If the RX 570 does have an encoder worth it's time, and it's better than the GTX 1050 Ti, that would be good.
  7. I was reading the specifications for my PC and it was saying that the best Xeon for my PC was the X3470, but although the cache is bigger and there are more cores, it brings the clock speed to 2.93 Ghz. Does that matter as much as I think it does?
  8. So, I have a GT 1030 that I have had for about 2 1/2 weeks and it has run pretty well. But, I was wondering if my next upgrade should be my CPU. I got an HP Z200 Workstation for free (it was given to me) and so I decided to put ny GT 1030 in it. It has an Intel Core i5 650 in it right now, 2 core 4 thread, 3.2 Ghz clock (max I've reached was 3.49), and I am sitting at about 150 - 225 fps on Minecraft Java, 8 chunk render distance (max settings otherwise), 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, and Optifine. I have heard that 2 cores isn't enough for gaming, so I am a bit worried. I am also worried that I will have to get a new power supply. Its a 320 watt and the minimum for my GT 1030 is 300 so... what do you think, should I upgrade my CPU? I would like to get a Core i7 or a Xeon, but an i5 or i3 would suffice. Also, I don't want to spend over $150 if possible.