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    Building new gaming budget PC or waiting?

    Well there wasn't an official announcement there was a leak see: https://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-Ryzen-5-3400G-and-Ryzen-3-3200G-spotted-in-SiSoftware-database-along-with-the-B550-chipset.421145.0.html If it comes to this maybe it's worth waiting to june 10th for the upcoming reveal of Navi and Ryzen. Then I will be much smarter about new upcoming hardware and maybe be able to save a few bucks to throw it into the new build, or I hope so. Either way I can still but RX 580 + ryzen 3 2200g later and maybe at lower price.
  2. Taxiarches

    Building new gaming budget PC or waiting?

    Well I checked the prices and looked for the cheapest variations: GPU RX 590 - 231€ RX 580 8GB - 200€ GTX 1660 - 236€ CPU Ryzen 3 2200g - 90€ Ryzen 5 1400 - 117€ Ryzen 5 1600X - 133€ Therefore waiting for Ryzen 3 3xxx doesn't seem as a problem I am more concerned about the Navi GPU's at around 200€ price tag.
  3. Hello everyone, I have registered on this forum for the sole purpose of seeking an advice. After more than 10 years I have decided that I am going to build a gaming PC. The last desktop PC I had was Pentium 4 with Nvidia 6600GT. Since a lot of time has passed and the fact that I am fed up with laptop gaming (I own one laptop that isn't suited for gaming) I have managed after a while to save some money to buy a brand new gaming PC. As a college student my budget is not incredible: 550€ +/- 10%. I was looking to buy Ryzen 3 2200g, RX 590, 8 GB RAM for 1080p gaming that fits well in my price range. But since new Ryzen processors and Navi GPU were announced later this year I want to ask you if you would recommend waiting for these. Since I won't be buying top hardware on the market and I can't find any information on lower end specs of new Ryzen processors and Navi GPU I am a little bit scared that I will be sitting on my money for too long and that new hardware will be available for me in the early 2020. Of course after waiting for such a long time I can wait for a little bit longer. But nevertheless market in my country (Slovakia) is not the priority for new releases I am a little bit concerned about things. I want to have my brand new PC at least in the late September of this year. And since money saving is a real burden for me I don't want to buy brand new PC only to find out I could wait for a couple of months to have better performing PC with new stuff offered by AMD for the same price. Thank you for your kind answers.