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  1. they said its 4 TIMES FASTER THAN X1X. x1x is around 1070 performance, so 4 times that is 2x 2080 ti performance, which i highly doubt. but will it at least be on par with 1 2080 ti for $499?
  2. manchild

    resolution and jagged edges

    with AA and jagged edges, is it the resolution or ppi that eliminates them? people say 4k doesnt need AA yet when i played 4k on my 55'' tv jaggies are plenty.
  3. cgi level of avatar. wat speed increased is required? how do they hope to increase speed when transistor shrink is at the very end already?
  4. manchild

    Pixel 3a from Galaxy S8?

    thats probably virus from all that gay porn. cant understand how youtube will lag with s8, youtube hasn't even increased in system requirements ever. r u watching 8k videos? my 8 year old 2500k browse web/youtube just as fast as when i got it.
  5. manchild

    flagship phone prices

    i got a s10 last month because it was 35% off. im in australia so cant get local models of cheap chinese flagships like pocophone. thought it was a good deal, then saw a70 release for less than half the price with bigger screen and much larger battery, just camera and cpu slightly worse (australia has the shitty exynos on s10, probably the same in multicore as snapdragon 675). i can get a a70 right now for half the price i paid for s10. i really dont think flagships are worth so much more. can a techxpert explain why flagships are so much more expensive even within a brand? not even comparing between brands and asking why iphone is so expensive, in the same brand they use the same os and same support so only hardware is the difference.
  6. manchild

    buying amd stock

    hi, long time follower of linus, watched his vids for 3+ years. just watched this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7hofCnniJE and had to make an account to post. can linus himself comment (would be nice if mods can ask linus for me), were u serious with the title? amd's price hasn't risen yet, this might make me tons of money. please comment linus thanks!!!