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  1. Ah, It make sense now. Thanks a lot!
  2. By the way, any recommended router for the case above?
  3. Noted, thank you to all of you guys (Zhubaohi, Eniqmatic and Scottyseng). By the way, I found a youtube link mentioning the difference between router, access point and switch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vc16CCAAz7Q
  4. Oh, I see. So basically the setup will be Existing router | |--> Unifi access point (AP1) | |--> Unifi access point (AP2) and by having that setup, the router will manage the IP address for the computer in AP1 and AP2 and all of the computers will be able to ping each other. Am I right?
  5. I see. By the way, I searched online, but still do not quite get the difference between Access point and router. Is it a must to have both?
  6. Hi Eniqmatic, sorry for the late reply. both of the option needs wiring, don’t they? I am fine with both options. for the 2 Unifi option, i will still need an access point device right? I have drawn a simple layout, maybe you could help me check whether I understand it correctly.
  7. I do not mind to install 2 new routers. Wiring is not possible at the moment, renovation going on.
  8. Hi Eniqmatic, it needs to handle internet connection too.
  9. Hi zhubaohi, Thanks for your reply. I checked the router specification, it is a decent router but seems like the coverage is not enough (around 95 feet ≈ 28 meters) I do not think the coverage is enough.
  10. Hello, Currently, I have installed an internet connection with the default router in a badminton court. I want to access the WiFi connection from 1 corner to another, which is around 50m far. Connection: around 15 to 20 computers Any suggestion on which router I should buy? or maybe another solution to support internet coverage within the badminton court? P.S. I am not really familiar with hardware and router.