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  1. I’m new to building PC’s, what is a riser cable and how do you fit a graphics card that isn’t a low profile fit in a SFF?
  2. I am having trouble figuring out what is the best low profile graphics card that will fit in a HP Compaq Elite 8300. CPU-i5 3470 PSU-250 watts RAM-4GB Storage-250GB HDD My budget is $60, willing to push to $80
  3. Thank you, I will take a look into this!
  4. Not for any serious gaming, if anything, running a game and 720p 60fps at best, going to be using this just as a recording PC for I have a gaming one already up and running
  5. Wouldn't the MoBo need to be compatible with the GPU or just ANY PCIe GPU card?
  6. Yeah, I didn't realize that I needed the GPU till after I was trying to run it, I thought I messed up with the whole build and thought I damaged the CPU, but it was just the GPU I needed. Thanks for the recommendation. I am just looking to get some casual gaming in, but nothing to run Triple A games or do much besides getting a video feed
  7. Hey guys, I have made an oopsie when it came to building a computer. So I have just built a PC however I didn’t realize that I need a GPU for graphics (rookie mistake). My current build is: CPU:AMD 1500X MoBo: ASRock AM4 B450M Pro4 MicroATX RAM: 8GB DDR4 3000mhz PSU: CX450 Case: CoolerMaster Q300L I’m looking to find the cheapest GPU/best GPU that can work with this MoBo.
  8. Seems like that would be an investment in itself Big yikes, but I think I will hold off on upgrading my gaming rig a little while longer, just looking for that perfect budget streaming PC so that I can have less load on my PC when streaming/recording and gaming. But I will keep that in mind, thank you for bringing that to my attention!
  9. That CPU alone is the same amount as the encoding pc one :0 Which one is the better buy though? the R9 3900X or R7 3700X
  10. Currently in my Gaming PC, I have a R5 1500X, should I purchase the 1700 to swap my CPU's out then use that 1500X on the streaming rig?
  11. I understand about the RAM, I currently have 16GB in my current PC. I think I would eventually upgrade my gaming PC to have that R7 1700, seems like it would be more beneficial to have that in the gaming setup right?
  12. Alright, Looks like the R5 1600 is the way to go in terms of CPU encoding! Thank you for your help! This gives me a lot of insight as to what to look for
  13. Maybe in the future I will consider to get on of those, but I for now, I think I may stick with CPU encoding though
  14. Alright, I think I will take your consideration of parts list to use. Didn't know there were 3000 DDR4 RAM that cost that low for 8GB. Also, I don't need much RAM for streaming purpose though right? It's just to run the process of the programs and all?