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  1. So after years of hell with apple, and almost .. hmm let me count ... 1 .. 2 ..3 ..4 ..5 ..6 ..7 ..8 ..9 ..10 ...11... no wait 12 repairs, and 3 replacements (given a brand new Mac in box) I have come to find the reason behind why all apples computers have such shity performance when it comes to anything GPU dependent; be it gaming, creating animation, or anything else in that magic box. It has to do with ... bottlenecks. if you ever bothered to look at apple pre-made configurations they boost a fast intel processor, mind it might be a year old, but then gives you a GPU that is to weak for the CPU the offer causing a serious blow to performance when needing that GPU power. If we were able to configure a Mac to be more balanced, in that the GPU and CPU work well together the benchmarks might look somewhat difference in light of performance, given that any base model will have a GPU that is to weak for the CPU. I would love Linus Tech to make a youtube video about this, really testing this out. it would be very interesting to see the results.