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  1. Hi, So recently, I have installed an RX 570 from PowerColor into my PC Build. Before, I was using the integrated graphics form the Ryzen 5 2400G, but wanted to upgrade. I forgot to uninstall and disable the drivers for the Vega 11 iGPU, but went ahead and installed the RX 570. With the RX 570 in my build, there was no monitor signal despite my HDMI cable working and being plugged in to my PC and monitor. Since the computer probably wasn't booting to the GPU (since i forgot to disable the iGPU), i removed the RX 570 and tried again. This time, there is no signal even though i have reset my cmos and tried booting fromt the iGPU and motherboard HDMI. I am in desperate need for help, because even with the rx 570 removed, I still can't get a signal. I need to somehow fix this issue with no signal from iGPU and Rx 570. To note, my build is turning on (the fans on all compenents are spinning), but there is no signal from the gpu or motherboard.