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  1. Hey guys was planning a pc build with all accesories here in india... Ryzen 7 3700x Rtx 2070 super Asus tuf x570 Mobo Gskill 8*2 3200mhz ram MP510 480gb ssd 2tb barracuda A decent 750 watt psu Case please suggest a case I was thinking of h510 elite.. Mouse- ttesports iris optical Keyboard-logitech Monitor- zowie 144hz 1ms 24" Your help needed
  2. Bro if u r budget is 4500 then just go and buy the aorus Xtreme waterforce bundle with i9 9900k and have full with water-cooling and over locked at 5.1ghz
  3. Yup will wait n see if r7 stands on our expectations
  4. For me just pubg pc , and some AAA games
  5. Guys I was planning to build a pc not only for gaming but also for streaming !!!! So is all good for monitor that I am gonna buy Acer predator XB 27" 144hz 1440p I7 9700k Gskill 8*2GB 3200mhz ram 500gb 970 evo plus Gaming X trio 2080 But I guess that 9700k is not good for streaming as it has less threads So please tell me u r suggestions!
  6. It's better you add the ram of same latency and speed! If you mono supports 2666 why the heck u need 3000mhz!
  7. Then something is wrong in the ball bearing of the GPU fans under no load they must've loosen up and under high load they must have been thighten
  8. Man check the GPU fan, under no load that's like something interesting happening in u r rig man the power supply or it must be some other fan
  9. Man will definitely search about MX500 btw thnx bro
  10. Coil wine matters from which part it is coming so specify the part buddy!
  11. Man I want to build a beast no worries soon or later monitor will come buttt once a pc is build no change for like 6 years and I live in India so take it like 10 years
  12. Bro no budget for monitor n accessories just using Samsung 60 Hz old monitor But will definitely play in 1440p n 144h