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  1. Thanks for the reply man. Yep its set to quality. I will try speed then.
  2. Hi guys, I am streaming using Slobs and my stream is pixelated/grainy when I start moving in game. I already tried bumping up the bitrate to 10000 kbps. The game I'm playing is The Forest. PC Specs i5 3550 RX580 4gb 16gb ram Internet download and uploads speed are 20mbps Here are my settings 720p 30fps CBR Bitrate 4000 Encoder: Hardware AMD Here's one of my stream Thanks in advance!
  3. Can someone please enlighten me. System 1: i3 7100 CPU rx560 2GB GPU 16GB ram. System 2: i5 3550 RX580 4gb 16GB ram Question is. System 1 is getting 200+ fps on CSGO. While system 2 is getting 160+ fps. I checked sa bottleneck calculator. And system 2 should out perform system 1. I don't know why system 1 is getting more fps.
  4. system is all good.everything works fine @75hz. But as I mentioned when I switch it 60hz in the display settings. the system becomes laggy. youtube videos appears like 10fps. Whats on this system is an rx560.
  5. So as the tittle suggests, I have a 75hz monitor. Out of curiousity I set it to run a 60hz. Then it suddenly slows down the windows animations and videos. What causes this? Thanks!
  6. I used minitool partition wizard.
  7. yuup it is set to boot legacy.
  8. So I succesfully cloned my hdd to ssd. However, when I put the old hdd to an Identical system, it wont boot and just gives me "no operating system" Ive checked the hdd and all the files are still there. this is win 10 btw. Thanks!
  9. Awesome! Thanks for these answers. Yup I think 720p gaming works for me. So Vega 8 can handle games really good?
  10. I am planning on playing multiplayer games like overwatch, not really into AAA games as of now. I am also planning on getting a ryzen 2400g.
  11. It's my pc from back then. It's in another place planning on upgrading it, if it'll be worth it.
  12. I'll try to find one. How does one know what GPUs will still work on a CPU?
  13. It's already built with 8gb 1600's, and with 650ti