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  1. hello guys so i recently noticed this but some of the switches on my keyboard feel really uncomfortable compared to like the W key and its honestly frustrating because i only had this keyboard for like 6 months.Now i do live in a very dusty environment but why would dust affect certain switches and the others not.Also when i take of the keycap of any of the uncomfortable switches i try to test the switch and switch feels just fine its just when i put the keycap back on it feels very uncomfortable i even tried replacing the keycaps like i tried replacing the w key with the f9 key for example and it still felt weird and i dont know what to do? what could this be and is there a solution for it? I use corsair k70 rapidfire cherry mx speed silver switches
  2. So ive had these logitech g430's for a while and they work but increasing and decreasing the treble and bass does nothing it used to have an effect when i got it but now it just doesnt and im not even sure if the advanced equalizer works any help? Im using the latest version of LGS and im also using the latest firmware for my headset and windows 10 pro v.1803
  3. @MrNoli i use it only for discord and spotify only those apps that i use on it
  4. @MrNoli Well my second monitor has vga not hdmi cuz its old but my question isnt answered still. 2.1 gb for igpu and dgpu and other stuff is that ok or excess?
  5. @Tristerin i need my 2nd monitor so i guess ill stay with 14gb of ram but is 2.1gb ok like is it not excess memory usage?
  6. how do i get rid of it i need further explanation @Tristerin
  7. i think it might be because im using 2 gpu's integrated and dedicated @Mira Yurizaki @MrNoli
  8. im using the my cpu's graphics to power my second monitor and my main monitor is powered by my 1660 ti @Mira Yurizaki @MrNoli
  9. So it looks like i can only use 14gb of my 16 gb ram due to 2gb of hardware reserved memory so i wanted to ask if that is ok and my hardware isnt consuming excess memory here are my specs GTX 1660 ti Ryzen 5 2400g 16gb ram 3000mhz Samsung 970 evo plus m.2
  10. So im looking into getting this steelseries rival 600 mouse i heard its 96 grams without any weights i just wanted to ask is this a mouse thats considered "light" cuz i use a g502 and its 121 grams and i think that thats a little bit heavier than my needs so i was wondering if the steelseries is considered as a light mouse. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thank you all for your time. So i think that they are so close in performance but like what @GoldenLag said, id rather pick the cheaper even if its the 1080 ti considering its a little bit older than the 2080 and the 2080 has i guess preferably up to date technology now dont take my word for it because im not a gpu geek but i guess in the end theyre both excellent cards and deliver excellent performance and i guess nobody would doubt that. BUT, I still think amd wins when it comes to price/performance ratio then again its just my opinion. Thank you! @SydneySideSteveSomewheres @JoostinOnline @Streetguru
  12. Hey guys so im really curious on which gpu is better a 2080 or a 1080 ti. considering that they both were released in totally different nvidia gpu "generation" as the 1080 ti is pascal and a 2080 is turing. I tried to avoid benchmarks becuase i wouldnt be sure if they are fake or not. Also depending on which card is better, how big is the margin between both cards?
  13. Ok so i came to a conclusion that using competitive settings made my gpu usage about 50% which is not good but using all epic made it almost a 100% and my frames were 100+ sometimes dropped to 90 and mind you im running the game on 1080p sooo i think the people who i see use competitive settings have their card usage higher than me therefore their frames are way higher but i dont know what to do to make my gpu usage high when i play at competitive settings @Beowulff83 @mr moose