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  1. Hey guys and gals, Tpbmods here with a how to manage 12v RGB cables tutorial. This is an advanced mod, do not attempt this if you cant A:Solder, B:Fix mistakes, and Afford to replace the hardware if you ruin it. The tools you will need for this mod are quite simple, and any modder will have these on hand. Soldering Iron, Solder, wire cutters, Xacto(optional), lighter or heatgun, Heatshrink! And optionally, Sleeving. Start by getting all your cables run as clean and snug as possible, and mark the cables where they will be cut. A tip from Alex Banks over at Bit-Tech, is to make little wings out of tape to keep note of orientation. once your wires are stripped and splayed, get them all taped together and tap em together with a bit of solder. Always make sure to use heatshrink! Take the time to get everything as snug and clean as possible And thats it! Clean up the cables, use a few zap straps to tidy it up! Now get out there and clean up those wires!
  2. Thats odd, its like the end of the link or something. That last script is actually nothing lol.
  3. Hey everyone, Tpbmods here! Today Im here to tell you, Stop painting your damn radiator fins... I mean, show you how to paint your EK Radiators! Unlike pretty much every other radiator on the market, EKWB designed theirs to be taken apart. The process is simple, can be done in a reasonable time frame(paint dependent) and takes nearly no real skill to pull off! The Tools - All you need to pull apart your EK rad is a blade to pop the badge, a Torx T10 for the 8 screws in the top and bottom, and a 9mm Allen key for the extensions. Sanding - Prep is key! The more time you spending working on the surface to be painted, the better your finish will be. I personally used a palm sander and 180grit wet/dry to make quick work of the original finish. You can do this by hand, with a power tool, sandblaster, or even paint stripper/Easy Off oven spray. Once you're happy with the finish, clean the surface from all dusts and oils. Because I am using a high pigment acrylic paint, my only interest was getting to some bare metal for paint adhesion. I lightly put the screws back in because I planned on hanging these, and didn't want paint where it shouldn't be. Painting - Like sanding, this can be done in many ways. My weapon of choice is high pigment, acrylic based rattle can. Rattle Can, Airbrush, paint gun. Maybe you want to hit it with some alcohol stain or get it plated? Proper prep and patience is key Here I hit the frames with a VERY light coat of chrome base just to have a strong and bright base to get my color to really pop. After painting, it was time to wait. For some people, this can be hours or even days depending on the finish you want to go for, and the paint you are using. With my choice in paint, my dry time is quick; and time between coats is even faster. And because I didnt want to bother with clearcoat, its done! Now its time to very carefully reassemble your gorgeous new frame back around the interior core, taking extra care not to smash things around anywhere the frame comes in contact with itself. The last thing you want, is chipping or scratching that fresh new look. Get the extensions reinstalled, and then re-apply your EK badge! Adhesive got ruined? double sided tape works wonders! Hope this has been helpful, and I cant wait to see what you come up with
  4. Thanks @Deltawing457 Im hoping that regardless of getting the position, this information collected will be utilized to make 2020 and even greater year for LTX
  5. Submitted my survey, and I have also created a bit more of an in-depth one for independent research
  6. Hey everyone, I created an independent survey form that I would like to use as part of my submission proposal to apply for the Event Coordinator position. If you would like your say, I left my link below! https://forms.gle/d2md6pHoXcEk92cX6
  7. Hey @Vizzaral If you want to see snow in the winter, you MIGHT have some luck going up to whistler and hit the top of the mountain. But unfortunately youd have to go pretty far north in the summer time.
  8. @Metalshark I am running an independent survey for those who attended LTX19. I am trying to compile data to be used as a tool for job acquisition. As someone with 16 years of customer service oriented business, event planning and social media marketing; I will be applying for the Event Coordinator position, as soon as @CPotter is home If you would like to have your say on my NOT LMG OFFICIAL Survey, its linked here. https://forms.gle/66AxbXK39ibh72Ve8
  9. Thanks @VegetableStu I wasnt sure I was aloud to tag staff on the forums, as im not aloud to on discord.
  10. Afternoon Everyone. I am doing an independent study about LTX19. This Poll was created under my own discretion, and was not commissioned or endorsed by Linus Media group in any way. The purpose of this poll is to be used as a tool to help my job acquisition for the LMG Event coordinator position that has recently opened. This post was however approved by Jake Tivy as long as it was posted in Off-Topic. This Poll is for people who attended the event, However, If you would like to look at it and leave feedback in the comments below this post, it would be appreciated! https://forms.gle/wdmCNT9v4rcibND39
  11. Thank you very much for the kind and loving words @seoz Start to finish was basically 8 hours a day every tues/wed(my weeekend) from July 2nd till Aug 7th. Im really hoping it pays off in the CMWS19, Builds.gg has been loving it
  12. Thank you @NotABigGamer
  13. Back at it again with another completed project. This time, the stakes are higher than a Canadian flag on July 1st. Project Maple is my entry into the Cooler Master Case mod world series novice modding division. This was proudly sponsored by Swiftech USA who provided me with pretty much every single piece they sell. Build List: Mobo - Asus Maximus X Code - Painted CPU - i5 9600k @ 4.8ghz GPU - MSI 1080ti Aero OC Ram - TeamGroup T-Force Nighthawk 4x8gb 3200mhz SSD - TeamGroup T-Force 240gb PSU - Seasonic focus+ Gold 850w Case - Cooler Master MB530p with plenty of cosmetic mods. Watercooling: CPU - Swiftech Apogee SKF Prestige w/Iris ARGB GPU - Swiftech Komodo 1080ti w/CMWS19 painted backplate. Pump/Res - (Cut down to 170mm) Swiftech Maelstrom 200mm(170mm) d5 w/Iris ARGB Radiators - 3x Swiftech Hydrae GT(120/240/360) Painted Tornado red Compression Fittings - Nanoxia CF 16mm hardline painted Angled and extension Fittings - Swiftech Dual 45 rotary &15mm Drain - Dazmode Darkside Pushvalve Fluid - SwifTech "Mayhem" Dyes in distilled, and 1 drop of Dead Water Misc: Fans - Swiftech Helix 120mm w/Iris ARGB Controllers - Swiftech Iris ARGB Eco Controllers Cables - Tpbmods created, using Telios Sleeving from Mainframe Customs Cable Combs - Nanoxia CF with splatter paint job Paint - BombingScience.Com Ironlak/Moltow/FlameBlue
  14. Still in love with this build!