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  1. Thank you to everyone, it is the same thing I thought, but he is kind cheap and doesn't want to spend more money so... Wish me luck!
  2. ... A adapter he made himself, but he is still figuring out if he wants to make it sata or molex, what should I say to him? Go get a better one?
  3. Hello there to everyone, I need help for a psu, my dad is making his own PC for the first time, he bought A somewhat old psu and wants to use it, it doesn't have the 8pin connector for interfacing an old gtx nvidia 770 graphics card,and he is using a converter to make it possibile, I'm more experienced in building computers, but I don't know nothing about using adapter etc, If I put here the voltage rails of the psu, can someone tell me if it will work and what rail should he use? Thanks!
  4. Last question srsly while I am at it.. (thank you kindly) will a nvidia rtx 2060 bottleneck with a i7 4790 on 1080p gaming?
  5. Also is there any difference between the tomahawk b450 max and the gaming plus max? Sorry to bother
  6. Thank you kindly for the help! I'm still figuring out what to do, but if I will upgrade, I'm going to keep what you all said, in mind! Thanks!
  7. Thank you to the both of you for the reply, I'm Into 1080p gaming, nothing more, 60 fps is enough and my monitor it's a cheap samsung hd TV monitor
  8. Hello there guys of this marvelous forum, today is a happy day, after saving a bit of money by working a crappy, low paid job, I'm able to upgrade my gaming rig! As of now it sports an Intel i7 4790, a h97 pro asus motherboard and a nvidia msi armor 1070!,I would like to upgrade the mobo with a ryzen 5 3600 cpu, a low budget b450-F asus rog strix motherboard and some ddr4 ram.. Essentially I wanted to ask you.. Should I upgrade? Should I instead change the graphic card? (like mine got fixed once, I don't know how much time is going to survive), also.. Is there any difference between the asus rog strix motherboard and other lower budget boards in the *under 100 dollars* range? (the rog one is roughly 130 dollari) Thank you for any reply!
  9. Thank you everyone for the help, I applied some acrylic paint to the scratch, let it dryed off and as of now. The gpu is working as good as always! Thank you
  10. One more question, sorry for bothering, I have at home these products, the one one the left is acrylic paint, the one on the right is polish/enamel house paint and the one on the center is silicon sealant, is any of these suitable for covering the scratch and not worrying? The silicon one says it becomes a polymer after 24 hr, really hard in 1 hour and a film after 25 minutes..so much like the conformal coating?
  11. Thank you kindly! I will reply if everything went successfull
  12. Thank you a Lot to the both of you! I know that nail polish becomes somewhat soft at temperatures like 50 c etc.. That is why I'm asking if it is better to use a spray or some paint(I know that paint is insulant) . Also even if the moisture generated by the heat of the gpu touches the scratch, it should be fine?
  13. Hello to all the members of this great forum!, I need some advice from you, last year while replacing the thermal paste of my nvidia geforce 1070 msi armor, I scratched the pcb mistakenly, the card works fine to this day! But recently I changed again the paste and the scratch of course was still there making me wonder.. It is really fine if I leave it like this? Should I put something to cover? Some kind of insulant spray? (some tech enthusiast friend of mine told me to put some nail polish 0.o) can anyone tell me what should I do? Also there is some most likely conductive metal dust coming from it (or maybe from the bolt on the right) I cleaned it but I'm still worried, thanks for the help!
  14. thank you cyber! as I mentioned before I don't want to use linux because I need to play games that are not available in that platform if not with wineskin etc,which is not gonna work on this low end pc really well..So if i use the 32 bit version(win 7 thin pc) Am i going to lose..like..64 bit only stuff? like performace in games? graphic accelaration?