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  1. I have no programs open and I 23% ram usage. Not really sure what is causing this. I have 16gb of ram so that is about 3.5gb
  2. idk what happened i was fine like 2 monthes ago
  3. nvm i just realized i need to re apply my cooler im at temps of 97 yikes
  4. and back ground tasks dont seem to affect it
  5. sorry those are both intel cpus same ram and different res on my screens but even when i drop the in game res to the same as my other screen i still get less fps
  6. So what i am talking about is i have 2 PCS one has a 2600 and a 1060 and the other pc has a 2400 and a 1050 but i significantly for fps on the Pc with the 2400 and the 1050 on the same settings. I just dont get it
  7. So a couple of days ago i moved to a new house. This house has ethernet wiring in it. So the previous owners had AT&T but i have Spectrum so the guy came out hooked it up whatever. I hooked up the router.Later that night i get my pc here and i plug it into the ethernet in the wall and i got nothing. So i thought is the cable bad inside to i got my smart tv and plugged it in to another ethernet port in the house and nothing. Keeping in mind the router is just fine no probs with that. So i thought well maybe the switch is bad for the house. I went to Best Buy and got a new switch. Got home configured it and everything got it set up and still NOTHING. So at this point im so confused becuase my router is working fine but whenever i plug in a second device it never works so i there a limitation on modems on how many devices you can have.
  8. So I know that the Arctis Pro Wireless has bluetooth but is it connected to the base station thing or is it connected directly to the headphones. So i if i want to say ride my bike or something can i connect these to my phone and then be away from the base station? Steel Series wasn't to clear a about that.
  9. So I got a Moto g7 power 2-3 monthes ago and I'd say about a month ago I just stopped receiving texts and calls sometimes. I even went to T-Mobile and got a new sim. Not really sure how to fix this problem but it is very annoying
  10. Hi everyone I just got my new Moto g7 power today and put my SD card from my old note 3 inside with all my music but I'm not sure what to use to play it the music is .mp3 but I could not find an app