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  1. JuiceJack

    RX 580 no boot

    I have tested it 4 separate systems that I have, an i5-7400, i7-7700, i7 4790k, and i7 9700k
  2. JuiceJack

    RX 580 no boot

    Hi, I am using a Power Color RX 580 8GB Red Devil for a computer build that I am trying to get working. The fans spin and the led turns on but no video. There are no beep codes. I plug in the graphics card and it will not boot. I have ensured that the card is fully seated into the system as well as the 6+8 PCI-E connectors are securely inserted. I have tried inserting the card into 3 other systems all prove the same issue. I have tried booting the computers using onboard video... no luck, still won't post. I have tried booting it in my main rig alongside an RTX 2070... no luck, still won't post. I don't know if the card is dead, I picked it up off of craigslist, and I am sure I can return it, maybe it was flashed for mining and got bricked the process but I have no idea why it will make the entire system no-post when it is installed. Any help that will lead to the fixed card instead of an uncomfortable process of trying to return the card would be greatly appreciated, thank you for reading! All the rigs a I have tested in are Intel based, I checked each board, and all had positive compatibility with the card.