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  1. The only store i can go to doesn't seem to have a TXm model psu in it and CXm has a gray label so doesn't that mean it would go to the B+ category since the cx model there has a gray label and the one in B category has a green label.
  2. Yeah as i said in a reply to @minibois i got vs550 because it was the only thing i could afford and was planning on replacing in under as soon as i had the means on getting a new one, it seems to be the slightly better one with the gray label which as i understand is the better one out of the two.
  3. Yeah i know that my first choice to my build wasn't ideal but at the time i had to get it done and i couldn't afford to get a better one so i got to atleast till i could get the money together to get a better one which it's looking like i will have the money to get one. I was looking at a corsair cx550m with a gray label on a store in about the only store i can go to since i can't really order anything from the internet, if i understand the list correctly the cx550m would fall into the B+ category on the list. Thanks for the link to the list man.
  4. So i have a very simple question and that is how much extra wattage would i need/want for me to do some light overclocking on my processor since i'am thinking of getting a new psu to replace my VS550 that i have right now? I have a ryzen 5 2600 that i'am thinking of overclocking and a RTX 2060 which i'm not planning on overclocking since the cooler on my model is not that great at the current speeds.
  5. So i just looked at the drivers and utilities page for my Tuf B450 Pro Gaming motherboard and saw that there is a bios update to 2007 from the current one 1804 and now i'am wondering if i should update the bios because it says there are performance optimizations on the newer one, so my question is that is there any reason i should update the bios on my motherboard and what are the risks if i do? Any answers relating to the question are much appreciated.
  6. yeehaw

    Cooling my CPU

    Would a Hyper 212 EVO be a good choice for me or should i look at the Hyper 212 Black?
  7. yeehaw

    Cooling my CPU

    I'am pretty sure my case doesnt have a place to put an aio so i'am limited to an air cooler, i live in finland and the max i'am willing to spend will probably be 100€. The only cooler you listed that i seem ti be able to get here is the Hyper 212 black, it seems to be going for 40€ so would that be the best choice over other ones like the Noctua U12S? Also i don't really care about the look of the cooler un-like some others since i'am not going to be looking inside my case that much.
  8. yeehaw

    Cooling my CPU

    The case i have is the Bitfenix Comrade without the window and i have 2xCorsair Vengeance LPX ram, also i guess the motherboard i have also matters and that is the Asus Tuf B450 Pro Gaming. I live in finland to be exact in Tampere. Hope this helps.
  9. yeehaw

    Cooling my case

    What do you mean by "in the top"? There are only three fan mounts which are two in the front and on in the back. Also the front fan mounts do have access to outside air and if i would want extra air for those front fans i could take the front part which is plastic off.
  10. yeehaw

    Cooling my CPU

    It isn't just the temps it's the noise that the stock fan makes which is a problem since the place i have to place my pc is at head level pretty close to me. Also it seems that the dark rock pro 4 is a little too tall for my case since the max cooler height my case says it has is 160mm.
  11. yeehaw

    Cooling my CPU

    The biggest reason i'am looking for a new CPU cooler is that i'am looking for something a bit more quiet since basically the only place i can keep my pc is at head level pretty close to me and the wraith stealth seems to be the loudest fan in my pc so thats why i'am looking for something less noisy that would also preferrably keep it cooler.
  12. yeehaw

    Cooling my case

    So the to answer the first question the D15 is 160mm without the fans which i'am assuming is not ideal and with the fans it says the height is 165mm, also the 92mm fan i spoke of is not really "mounted" the way my case is that i can basically put any fan that is under 120mm at the front but it will not be screwed in it will just sit at the bottom and i got 92mm for free because i go to vocational school for computer stuff and they had some leftover fans that i could have so i took one, also the NF15"s i spoke about don"t actually fit as you suspected because when i took a closer look at the fan mounts there are little pieces of metal that stick out and basically just make the fan mounts only work with 120mm fans. Also this is not really a thread that matters that much anymore since i got some NF-12 fans from the local store and put those in and the temps are now a little better though not by much which is why i'am still considering getting a new cpu cooler which i started another thread about.
  13. So i'am planning on getting a new cpu cooler for my Ryzen 5 2600 since the stock cooler is giving me aroung 70C which i don't find comfortable and would rather have it cooler than that, so i come here asking if you wonderful people have any recommendations for me and to judge the cooler i'am thinking of. The cooler i've been eyeing is the Noctua U12S-SE-AM4 which is 72€ euro where i live and was wondering if anyone would have any other recommendations for another cooler that could be better bang-for-buck coolers. Thanks for all the answers i get on here.
  14. yeehaw

    Cooling my case

    I'am assuming that you think i live somewhere in america where you seem to be from but both i and owner of the cooler live in Finland so i'm pretty sure it wouldnt be worth it to buy and ship it.
  15. yeehaw

    Cooling my case

    Believe me if i could i would use it but the problem still is that its is too tall for my case and also one thing which isnt too big is that it does not have the AM4 mounting bracket.