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  1. I would be able to get a photo however it is deep inside the port. I couldn't even see it with a torch. I just know its there as it won't accept a headphone jack anymore. What about a USB headphone jack? Does anyone know if they are any good?
  2. On my desktop for a while now I've had half a aux cable stuck in the motherboard just wondering if theres any way to get it out? It's annoying as been wanting to use headphones recently and can't as I cannot thanks to this.
  3. lukeconfused

    Laptop instantly powers on when plugged in

    Okay thank you very much, I assume by just having the laptop on the cmos battery sorts itself? The error stopped coming up so.
  4. I've seen this before but I'm curious whether its a problem or not. I just got another HP Elitebook, and it needs a lot. But one thing I noticed when testing is that when I plugged in the charger it'd turn on before I could hit the power button. Is this unusual or? Not sure if its related but the first time it also said that the CMOS battery got a bad checksum or something. I doubt it is related but could this be related with the screen playing up a bit?
  5. lukeconfused

    CMOS Battery sticky pad HP Elitebook 745 G2?

    Perfect thank you!
  6. Seems like a funny topic but sticky pads to hold a CMOS battery in place is new to me. I was doing a few upgrades to this laptop and I noticed that there was a rattle, opened it out to find the CMOS battery lose and it appeared to be held in place with a sticky pad. In which was no longer sticky. Just wondering if this is fine? And if it is, is there a specific type of sticky pad I need to replace it with? I wouldn't bother if I was keeping it but giving it to a family member and the rattle might scare them.