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  1. Koth

    Got a weird one for you guys...

    @SpookyCitrus you were right all along. Finally bit the bullet and just went with it - few hours resetting everything back to my norm, but here I am running clean! Thanks so much for all your help to everyone who threw a suggestion up here in the thread
  2. Koth

    Got a weird one for you guys...

    Trying to get some other stuff done and tested just cuz that nugget is always such a slog to go back through and do.
  3. Koth

    Got a weird one for you guys...

    Hey all - Just an update here...sorry it took a while to get back around to it. I've now done the following in addition: DDU Wipe then reinstall of all drivers Registry clean with CC Cleaner Downloaded the Driver Easy utility and ran that, updated multiple drivers including a couple USB drivers (which I thought I had done?) At this point, the problem is...worse, if anything. That's with the Corsair M65, or the Rosewill M59. Would there be any odd reason why the small wireless logitec M510 is working but those aren't, outside of simple polling rates? Like...is there a possibility that I could do fine with a higher-end wireless mouse? And seriously...thanks to everyone who is contributing or offering suggestions here. Y'all are dope.
  4. Koth

    Got a weird one for you guys...

    As an overall update, I just updated my BIOS to a version 3 years newer with no fix there either.
  5. Koth

    Got a weird one for you guys...

    Would that be different than a version upgrade though?
  6. Koth

    Got a weird one for you guys...

    Uninstalled iCUE (RGB software), safe mode boot - no luck there either Edit: Was trying with Rosewill mouse
  7. Koth

    Got a weird one for you guys...

    I adjusted both the Rosewill and the M65 - no change in anything. Also this issue began suddenly, system is ~18m old, and this started in the past month or two.
  8. LTT Forum! Long time watcher of the show and first time coming here as my last attempt to solve this before I go nutso... So, I've been having quite the odd problem lately - lag due to mouse movement. NOT WEIRD, YOU MIGHT SAY! Thing is, I've updated drivers on every USB port, disabled (then re-enabled) a couple of NVIDIA sound items, moved from windows 10 v1803 to v1903, etc etc etc. Troubleshooted with a friend and he hit me with this: try a different mouse. So I swap from the Corsair M65 to the less rainbow-unicorn Logitech M510 (cheapo wireless mouse) and the lag goes away. Great, seems like a mouse problem. Well in an unrelated event, I had actually just ordered a Rosewill M59 for my ladyfriend's new build, decided to commandeer that until I could get things sorted out with Corsair on the M65's warranty. Plug it in, BAM - same issue. Swap back to logitech, issue gone. I'm truly stumped, and I'd like to know if anyone has a hot take on this, or even some last-ditch stuff for me to try... System specs below: i7-6850k (3.6 ghz) ROG STRIX 1080TI 32gb Trident Z RGB 2400 ROG STRIX X99 GAMING mobo Seasonic 1000w 80+ Platinum