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  1. Need to get a card for X570 3700X system with 32Gb memory. I do not play games and main use will be browsing, home video editing, streaming etc. Budget is around £300. Recommendations please.
  2. devdeep

    DDR4 on X570 for a Non-Gamer

    Noticed on Crosshair VIII memory QVL that a few DDR4 3200 4 x 8Gb modules are mentioned. It is unlikely that I would need more than 32Gb of memory in the future, so, can I opt for 4 sticks rather than 2 - more Ram choices I think.
  3. Need 32Gb for various reasons including video editing, multiple tabs open, future proofing etc. Do not play games and not likely to overclock above the stated memory speed. I plan to get 16Gb x 2. This will be on 570X MB (Crosshair VIII Hero). Should I go for 3200 or 3600? AMD say 3600 is an ideal spot but for a non-gamer, does this matter (fps etc.). Will I be able to notice the difference between 3200 / 3466 / 3600? Also, will Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX be good enough or should I consider Gskill modules? Here in UK, Gskill is almost twice as expensive as Corsair. So, is Gskill a "badge"?
  4. I need 32Gb of memory. With X470 it was recommended that one uses 2 x 16Gb modules. Is this true of X570 or can I go for 4 x 8Gb modules?
  5. Have read reports that people have returned memory modules to suppliers (having swapped the modules with cheaper ones) and the supplier unwittingly selling it on. Sometimes the stickers are swapped as well. How can one ensure that what has been received is what was ordered? Is there a software that will identify the modules?
  6. With the AMD announcement on the 3000 series, should I buy 2700X (lower price) or wait for the 3700X? This means a possible 570X motherboard as well. Obviously the new technology is better but then there will be 4000 series next year. Are 2700X prices now likely to drop? I am not a gamer but a good kit is important.
  7. Thanks - I was abount to say I need non-RGB sticks!!
  8. I keep on reading that 2700X performs at best with 3200Mhz. How good will the 3000 one you are suggesting please keeping in mind I need to do some video editing.
  9. This has CAS Latency of 16. Does this matter or should one try for , say, 14?
  10. At last, ready to order the PC parts except the memory which is causing a bit of confusion. I do not game but some video editing, browsing and so on. I need 32Gb (2 x 16Gb) of memory without breaking the bank! Ok I know I can do with 16Gb but memory prices are low and I will use 32Gb in future. Would prefer DDR4 3200. Budget is approx. $250 (location is UK). The kit is: Asus crosshair VII Ryzen 2700X be Quiet dark base 900 pro Rev 2. Will appreciate recommendations please.