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    Variety is the spice of life.
  1. It's gonna be a no from me. They had horrible (app) support, before Windows Mobile got discontinued. Seems like an exercise in frustration. There's people out there returning to "dumb phones" as a way to break free from their smartphone addiction. But this seems just as bad as trying to use a $50 Android smartphone from 2012. Can you? Yes. Should you? No.
  2. People seem to be missing points #1, #2, and #5. Whether or not OnePlus still is (or ever was) a flagship killer can be discussed until the end of times. What irks me is their shady business practices people seem to be glossing over. Advertising false specs being the worst offense here. You don't just accidentally say "3x zoom" as opposed to 2.2x. They knowingly did this, for seemingly no reason. They attract a small group of enthusiasts, which I'd say is their main demographic. Why would they lie to us about that? And more importantly, what else have they lied about? It's rather worrying to me, to be honest...
  3. If you want longevity in hardware, more (perhaps niche) features, and don't care too much about any software updates: The S10 If you like experimental hardware, care about (fast) software updates, and don't care about certain features: The OnePlus7 Pro I have the S10+ right now, and I was briefly considering switching to the OP7Pro. Ultimately, not knowing how long the hardware will last, paired with missing out on several features that are important to me (mainly wireless charging and having a headphone jack), meant that I stuck with the S10+.
  4. Our tiny runt of the litter Italian Greyhound, Luxe.
  5. I got about 4 hours of sleep and I'm exhausted Send coffee please