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  1. yep. I bought the last new one they were selling. Other listings are for third party sellers.
  2. My friend the processor is PHYSICALLY incompatible with the 2011-v3. Bios issues, however, are resolved over IPMI (even works without any ram or cpu installed). This here is not a BIOS issue. Ofcourse, but it makes me wonder what exactly is going on here. Did a processor get etched wrong or something more sinister. IDK.
  3. Here's a clear pic of the 2011-3 stamping on the socket itself. To summarize the issue, a 2011-v3 socket that previously ran a 2011-v3 processor in it for over a year can't accept a new cpu that should have been 2011-v3 compatible. Edit: guys, take a look at this picture of what a "real" E5 2650 v4 looks like. I think I got had by Amazon for reals.
  4. No, Nick. My board is a 2011-v3 I was previously running another 2011-v3 processor in it. Here's an ss from the pdf file that was in the mobo cd.
  5. it's a Supermicro X10. There's nothing to debate over the motherboard, since I previously ran a 2011-v3 processor in it--and the socket basically has a huge "2011-3" stamped on the cover that you see opened in the pic above. @nick name That's exactly what has me perplexed. This unit I received is not a 2011-3.
  6. So, I bought this Xeon E5 2650 v4 from Amazon (sold & shipped). The only SKU for it that turns up on Google has 2011-v3 socket type associated with it, which is the kind of server board I have for my application. Here's the issue, the processor that I got sent has the right etchings on it, but it's NOT 2011-v3 as can be seen in the attached picture. The sticker at the bottom of the cpu box says "LGA2011V4" on it. The question is, what sorcery is this? And what's LGA2011V4? Thanks.