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  1. That just sounds like brute forced entry into someone's phone which, to be quite frank, is more on the user than on the iPhone being "easy to break into".
  2. Um my employer pays for the Enterprise version of Chrome. There are aspects of the browser that they would like to control and also you know disabling the Google Spying and all.
  3. We've known about the 16 and 12 core chips since CES it seems people forgot that it was confirmed to the media by their official contacts. I specifically remember GN doing that for their CES coverage. Tough luck man, I'm at like 50 a month and I find that expensive. That's awful.
  4. If people think planes have been flying themselves since 1912 then they are woefully ignorant. That is THEIR problem
  5. Huh? What does that have to do with things being a scam? A company can't advertise now?
  6. Probably a bug I had an ad appear once in a video you just call google support and notify them. They have had other incidents.
  7. Myself and probably quite a few forum members care. I quite enjoy having DRM free games. It makes my life a bit easier especially if I have to migrate drives which I do regularly enough for it to be an issue for me.
  8. I have a G502 and an MX Master 2s would this mouse be better than either of those two for anything? If so I will pick this up any suggestions?
  9. 2When you are saying use hardware 2FA tokens are we talking about products like the U2F/OPT keys or something else? (e.g. the physical RSA SecurID token ) Quite frankly even though I have a U2F key they hardly work with many websites at all so I don't really think that is very viable as a complete alternative. EDIT: Say some other hardware OTP tokens I don't know enough about them to have a full opinion but would that really mitigate this vulnerability based on what I read with in the article I am still not clear if they would.
  10. True but those are the bottom of the barrel coolers. Event the EVGA Black cards are just fine nothing stellar if all you want to do is stick your card in your system and go, but I reckon the enthusiasts who buy those end up overclocking or wanting to. They would probably go for cards with a better cooler. Whereas RVII may (waiting for review) have a significantly better cooling solution at the same price point. Just my thought on the price being "the same" technically.
  11. Wow someone is really doing this again. Didn't this happen like during Christmas too?
  12. Eh Tacoma's sell pretty well worldwide even ISIS uses them they are that good. Lol
  13. What I find interesting about this is that people are here treating this as if police cannot do their jobs without severely limiting the security of the rest of the public. If their jobs are made so difficult today because of the technology and encryption how are they still operating today? They don't need and have never needed things like this in place to get their jobs done so I fail to see why anything like this should have any support.
  14. You forgot the "Congratulations," ahead of "you played yourself."
  15. Yes because there's only one way to do something, right? When you're experienced in doing something a specific way that doesn't mean that other avenues are not available that's a recipe for a lack of growth. Also in this scenario we are talking about the narrative of a video game (art, something creative in nature that you can mold into just about anything you can think of) that is very different than building something like a bridge where there are specific structural regulations and tolerance that must be adhere'd to. The kicker is this situation DOES NOT in any way relate to gender dynamics. In this context that argument does not apply.
  16. Just because you do something professionally that doesn't mean you can't receive feedback. Remember customers engage with the product just because you create it doesn't mean a person who engages with it doesn't know anything. You have to use your professional judgement to determine which feedback has merit and Deroir's did especially when the person is a partner for the exact product that you're talking about. like @SpaceGhostC2C said it's like an engineer ignoring a race car driver's feedback because they aren't an engineer. If you think working on something (a product) means you're immune to feedback that is willful ignorance, and you won't get very far with that attitude in most situations.
  17. HR controls the process for promotion and whether you get promoted, also usually it the duty of your direct supervisor to put you up for promotion and justifies it to HR if it's cuz "CEO says so" that doesn't cut it, unless you're becoming an executive then that is handled by the Board in many cases. If the CEO directly intervenes in something like that it will most likely set off red flags on spur an investigation of misconduct especially in publicly traded companies. Unless she directly reported to Brian his power isn't a great of people ITT think. This was just mostly likely an excuse get rid of him any way
  18. Smart man, but if there's even a snowballs chance this is real will be crazy.
  19. I think the biggest issues is hosting it yourself. When a company is looking to cut costs they wouldn't want to deal with the expense of hosting collaboration tools on-prem. Paying in-house teams to support the the infrastructure and possibly the tool it self would just be too costly when you can just pay M$ to do it. When going to the cloud Collaboration is one of the first things companies look at the move there. Also having used both Slack and Teams too I really am of the mind of use the one that's cheaper to launch. I personally use and prefer Signal as well, but people don't want to make the jump as you said. Google refuses to make a single integrated messaging app with E2E encryption where they don't collect the data. I haven't seen too many people using FB messenger as a form of communication other than to fb friends, but my family that are over seas do use WhatsApp and sometimes hangouts. Most people I know just use SMS and obviously if you have an iPhone you'll be blue instead of green or w/e the status symbol is.
  20. So what would you use? Personally and in a situation where you may be doing business?
  21. This is speculation on my end, but I think it's probably the crew capsule.
  22. Forgive me for not being the savviest when it comes to cryptography, but how would the government be able to use the keys in the first place if Telegram doesn't have access? ISPs?
  23. I'm pretty sure you can turn off XFR and precision boost.
  24. Except, the FBI just like Russia is asking for unmitigated access to their product. You surely understand if their Apple or Telegram break their own encryption the government can easily try to take legal action acquire the code/backdoor/process used to get access. An easy way to handle this could be specify which user they are investigating and working directly with the company, but governments don't like to work that way it's either all or all, but if Telegram refused to decrypt that user's message and hand that specific data over then I'm inclined to agree with you on that point though