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  1. I'll try that asap, ty for the tip!
  2. If that's the case, how do I check the temp for vrm and should I underclock?
  3. Title says it all I have an AMD Athlon X4 860k Quad Core Processor OC to 4.20GHz with a Liquid Cooler. I was stress testing my CPU alone and max temp for the MotherBoard was 48c while Cpu was 56c (CPU Temp limit is 70c) and running at max speed with no throttle. However as soon as I attempt to stress the FPU it throttles to 1.60ghz for about 2-3 secs and goes back up and then loop. Should I downclock to 4.0ghz and below? (Same results at 4.10ghz) I used EZ OC Mode and sets it to 4.10ghz at 1.4v while 4.20Ghz is at 1.4500v Motherboard is an ASRock FM2A58M-VG3+ R2.0 Bio settings CPU Spread Spectrum Off Cool and Quiet On CPU C6 State Off Temps while playing games are avrg 26c from MSI Afterburner OnScreen Monitor (CPU Core Temps are all the same temp rather then separate numbers if that helps) It was given to me from my brother and he had it stabled at 4.20GHz with OC Ram and had it in a tight corner and told me he hasn't had any issues. He's used it for over 4-5years Any help will be appreciated! Oh yeah I also have the fan set to normal speed and never touched it if that helps
  4. Guess I was overreacting
  5. Will do, I forgot to mention that I have a Liquid Cooler on it, just been worried about why the cpu core temps are all the same and how odd HWMonitor shows them. Right now it says they're 27c each while playing. Thanks again for the response!
  6. Does this mean I shouldn't worry much about it then? I'm guessing CoreTemps and Hwinfo have good reading correct?
  7. Hello everyone I'm very confused with my CPU Temp and am now here for help. So I am currently using an AMD Athlon x6 860k Quad Core 3.7ghz (OC to 4.2) cpu. I don't know if this is normal but, on CoreTemps it shows my cpu cores all running at the same temperature which I don't know if it's normal. On HWMonitor the CPU Package has the same Temp as the Cores.. I decided to try out other monitoring programs such as Aida64 and HWiNFO (Screenshot shown below) and the CPU diode is the same temp as the ones Coretemp shows me. I'd like to know if these are normal readings. AMD Overdrive Thermal Margin on idle says 50-68c which I believe is good and underload is 33-44c. I just find it strange how all the cores temp are the same and why HWMonitor CPU Package shows the same thing but cores temp seems high.. Let me know!