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  1. LinusTechTips seems to be the ideal channel and a model for others to take after, between different types of videos - Reviews, Build Guides, WAN Show, and more you guys manage to cover all bases. I'm truly inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit the channel showcases, and it's amazing to see that you guys are able to produce a full production using methods previously unheard of. Congratulations.
  2. I just purchased the Schitt Magni and Modi to pair with my Sennheiser HD8's. I'm not an extreme audiophile, however to me they sound great. The only complaint I would have about them, and I'm curious to see if this happens to others with the product is when you bring your phone or other device near the stack it creates a significant amount of interference. To me this isn't the biggest deal, it just means I put my phone on the opposite side of my desk. Another quick addition I would have like to have seen is another set of rubber feet. All and all great product.