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  • Birthday 2002-04-15


  • CPU
    i5 3470 ~3.2ghz
  • Motherboard
    intel dh77eb
  • RAM
    16gb 1600mhz hyperx black
  • GPU
    GTX 1060 3Gb
  • Case
    Corsair 100r
  • Storage
    2x120gb in raid 0 ssd 1tb hard drive 2x 320gb hard drive
  • PSU
    500w coolermaster psu 1x 6pin
  • Display(s)
    DELL P2213 1680X1050 ~60hz
  • Cooling
    stock intel
  • Keyboard
    Thermaltake prime challenger
  • Mouse
  • Sound
  • Operating System
    windows 7 ultimate

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  1. im not installing windows 10 just to get a benchmark to prove to you
  2. you don't like my opinion and i don't any of yours so whatever
  3. and if that is true then why is not everyone on 10 cause its crap
  4. but i bet you Crapton of people game on 7 cause 10 is trash
  5. https://netmarketshare.com/operating-system-market-share.aspx?options={"filter"%3A{"%24and"%3A[{"deviceType"%3A{"%24in"%3A["Desktop%2Flaptop"]}}]}%2C"dateLabel"%3A"Trend"%2C"attributes"%3A"share"%2C"group"%3A"platformVersion"%2C"sort"%3A{"share"%3A-1}%2C"id"%3A"platformsDesktopVersions"%2C"dateInterval"%3A"Monthly"%2C"dateStart"%3A"2018-08"%2C"dateEnd"%3A"2019-07"%2C"segments"%3A"-1000"}
  6. windows 7 has 30% market share people don't want to upgrade for a reason since 7 has the same requirements as windows 10 and if you have hdd on windows 10 your out of luck cause of page filing taking up space and making the hard drives run slower windows 7 is far better then 10 and always will be and its not a claim it's faster
  7. i had my pc on windows 10 once and it messed up even know i didn't do anything and it wouldn't let me put my password in the box for the password wasn't there and i had to reinstall windows cause of that
  8. and yeah it is faster when 7 has way less bloatware to load
  9. it doesn't matter what you think at all cause the improvements i have seen prove you all wrong
  10. and other reason i did raid was so i have more space aswell
  11. Well i did benchmarks and tested it GPU CPU SSD and its all better windows 7 is better then 10