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  1. I am planning to upgrade my PC but I am a complete beginner. I just want some advice on what to get. At the moment I am thinking of of upgrading my PSU to a EVGA 650W BQ Bronze, GPU to a GTX 1660 and installing a Crucial MX 500 SSD as a boot up drive and having a few games on it. Are these a good choice of upgrades or is there something better? My price range is around £250 for the GPU and have no preference on AMD or NVIDIA. I want to upgrade my graphics card as I use this computer for gaming and it is just not cutting it anymore. Current build:- CPU: I5-4690 GPU: Gigabyte GTX 960 2gb RAM: 2x8 GB TEAM ELITE DDR3 Motherboard: H81M-PLUS PSU: ACE 700W BR