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  1. I am a big fan of LGR but are you sure Linus actually sent it. Maybe Perifractic sent it as I know from his small parts in the 8 bit guy.
  2. Here's the product specifications page for it: https://www.cnet.com/products/acer-al1716-lcd-monitor-17/
  3. Also it was a TFT display.
  4. There was a monitor lying around my house that was bought back in 2007 and along with that it ran at 75Hz. Was it high end back then or....?
  5. Remember me?

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    2. TryHard_Dev


      Sure, you know the guy that described everybody in the forum as dumb. Well I take it back.

    3. Den-Fi



    4. wkdpaul




      No worries, we all have bad days ;)


      Again, welcome back and enjoy your stay! :)

  6. In a video Linus said that he was going to make a MS-DOS gaming PC but it turns out he forgot it. Can you please make it, Linus?
  7. Firefox is literally the best browser ever based in performance and looks. Here's how one of the custom themes look on windows 10.
  8. I myself play on Nintendo 64 and NES using emulators. It is literally the best to get first party Nintendo Games on PC.
  9. Console gameplay on PC, console with it's exclusives and PC with it's power.
  10. Hey, you went for Howard Wolowitz. I respect you.

  11. Whoever you are in real life you don't know drat about science. A being never stops evolving unless every single atom in it's body is frozen in liquid helium. A being always gets or looses features we never stop evolving no matter how slow we evolve. Burn: You should probably evolve from a Homo Habilis to a Homo Sapien, you (burn) SCARAEBAEUS VIETTIEI!!!
  12. Windows 10 is more compatible with Intel rather than AMD. So if you get an overkill AMD CPU so that Windows 10 so you can just be blazing through Windows.
  13. I think that you should go for neither of them go AMD with this one and get a RX 570 according to Austin it is a better value option.