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  1. in cinebench r15 the cpu score is higher when the memory is at 3000,as i would expect , i guess its just cpuz then the lower score is the cpu with memory at 2133
  2. ok ill try that out
  3. what would be a better benchmark for cpus??? possibly something thats for free
  4. maybe, cause its just a little bit better, is lower cas latency better for gaming??? i wouldnt see any other reason to keep the mhz low otherwise
  5. i guess ill just have to experiment around a bit to see how far i can push those down, ill google around a bit more also
  6. i think the timings are the same as if the memory were running at 3000 mhz, because i still left the xmp profile active, maybe the timings have been changed automatically??? lowered automatically by the xmp??
  7. i bought 3000mhz corsair vengeance memory sticks 2x8gb, so basically in cpu z when i execute the benchmark it comes with, the scores i obtain are higher when the memory is set at 2133mhz instead of 3000mhz, so now should i leave the memory at 2133mhz for better cpu performance??? it is as if lowering the mhz speed of the ram freed up resources for the cpu to use so it can run faster??? is that so??? the cpu is overclocked to just 4.5ghz cause im waiting for a better cooler i ordered to arrive