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  1. Mark-McG

    H100i Pro RGB SE - Fan issue, is it me or the fan?

    I think so - I can see the option to select the type of fan but not to select there are 2. However the software does show 2 as per this screenshot
  2. Hi all, First time PC builder, My build has gone well so far with everything working as I expected except one thing. On my Corsair H100i Cooler I have installed it correctly (I think) but one of the fans isnt showing any RGB. Both fans are connected to the H100i using the provided connections, both spin and one of them lights up correctly. However the other doesn't light up... It is detected in iCUE and shows the LEDs as addressable but they never switch on. Attached is a picture of the connectors as they are now, albeit not a good one but hopefully it gives an idea. So after all that my question is - Is there an issue with the fan or how I have set it up? https://imgur.com/LDYVUWc
  3. Mark-McG

    Powering VEGA 56 - new builder help

    Thanks everyone! Two cables it is.
  4. Mark-McG

    Powering VEGA 56 - new builder help

    Corsair RM750X
  5. Hi there, I am nearing completion of my first ever build. I have installed a VEGA 56 GPU and I am now looking to power it. I notice that one the card there are two power sockets as expected. However I also notice that on my PCI-E power cable coming from the PSU has two plugs on it Which I could use to insert into both sockets on the GPU. Should I do this or should I be running two separate PCI-E power cables. Apologies if this is a silly question, It’s my first build and I don’t want to damage any expensive parts thanks, Mark
  6. Mark-McG

    Where do these plugs go?

    Ahh I understand now. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hi all; long time viewer of the channel, first time poster and PC builder. I am building my first rig and all has gone well except I can’t work out where these dang plugs go. It’s an NZXT H500i case and I think they are coming off the “smart module” as you can see from the picture there are 3 of them all connected together. Two have 3 pins and one has 4. please help! Thanks, Mark