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  1. as of now i don't have a spare system to test this. my only reference was my dual user. i only use the integrated GPU for the 2 monitor.
  2. it will use a VB.net windows form system, A exam application. I also don't know multipoints. the software i am using for multiple user is ASTER here is the link of the product https://www.ibik.ru/
  3. @GoldenLag okay Sir. Sorry about the tag its my 1st time posting and using this forums. but thank you for you advise it really help alot
  4. @LukeSavenije 4 core for each? even if it only do minimum task? all 6 user will only use a encoding system. and no other app will be installed
  5. @GoldenLag i really want to that solution but my boss what something like this, because i set one PC with 2 actual user.
  6. @bindydad123 6 actual users. the software i will be using is Aster
  7. Hi i would like to ask suggestions for the PC that I will build. the PC will be use by 6 user 1 CPU. what are the hardware for this PC? it will be use mostly for encoding only. Thank you