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    Out of spec laptop ram upgrade

    Beside the BIOS restrain would there be any other cause for worry? I just don't want to literally blow up my system for now. I'm cool with eating the cost if it's just a bios incompatibility.
  2. Hey guys, So I got this lenovo laptop (Yoga 720) and it's officially support up to 8GB in the only ram slot. Now, I've seen a few who have managed to cram in a 16GB Cruical CT16G4SFD824A with no problems. This got me wondering can I cram in something like the 32GB Samsung M471A4G43MB1-CTD and more or less expect it to work? Also what parameters should I be looking at to make sure I don't blow up my system? I know to keep it non-ecc and make sure the voltage (1.2V) matches. Anything else? Also, yes, I know in the end it's up to whether the bios will support it or not.