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  1. Unfortunately is not that, already checked
  2. So, I own an MSI GS65 Stealth. Recently I purchased an MSI MAG241C with which I was very satisfied. No problems at all. After a day or so some of the color begun to looked washed. This happened instantly, while playing games. No manual changes in settings, nothing. It doesn't really look that bad. Mainly it is noticeable on the cursor and on anything that might be closer to white spectrum (like being oversaturated with white). I doubled checked the settings on NVIDIA Control Panel. The dynamic range is set to full. This happened while using a mini DP to DP. Tried to change the cable no results. After a day or two I decided to try an HDMI, which surprisingly worked. Again, everything looks fine, no issues on the image. After another day the problem came back, this time for the HDMI cable. Tried to replace the it, same result. Tried again a DP cable, no changes. Also, I connect another laptop to check if there might be any issue with the monitor. With this one everything was fine. Therefore, I am pretty sure that at this point there might be something with the laptop, but I am not sure if it is hardware or maybe a settings that I am missing. Are you aware of anything that might change automatically, in Windows settings or NVidia that I am not aware of? EDIT: I removed NVidia drive using DDU and reinstalled it with GF Experience. This fixed the issue.